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Sacred 2 Downloads - DIMITRIUS'S CM PATCH ADDENDUM - 2023

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14 hours ago, Flix said:

The "Stomp" FX is still emanating from the Werebear's head.  It's not the worst thing (resembles a 'roar' now), but I wonder if the FX bone wasn't the issue after all.

14 hours ago, Flix said:

The Assassin model is lacking the shield bone. He can equip them but they appear on the ground.

Try this one https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cXku5EQacej1VLzR-1o4tz8ci8O6Nv-c/view?usp=sharing

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Did you managed to fix the problem with Smithing enhacements? When hovering my mouse over the enhancements in the blacksmith interface, the tooltips don't show up and it doesn't allow me to drag & drop the enhancements. Tested with all the mods and with only the core mod and the problem still persist. The only mod that I don't install is the russian localization.

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6 hours ago, dimitrius154 said:

Would you, please, send me your character file? I don't have the issue on my end.

Here is the link to my saved characters, the dragon mage and temple guardian are fresh with your mod. The seraphim is just there from a previous gameplay with the Enhanced Spells, I haven't opened that character since I installed your mod. Also, I deleted my entire save folder to see if the seraphim was the problem and it isn't.

I install the mods through GME. This is how it looks like.

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On 6/20/2023 at 1:08 AM, Chofranc said:

Did you managed to fix the problem with Smithing enhacements? When hovering my mouse over the enhancements in the blacksmith interface, the tooltips don't show up and it doesn't allow me to drag & drop the enhancements.

I see now, not a bug, but an oversight. They currently become available once you reach Level 25. Will be fixed in the next update.

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4 hours ago, dimitrius154 said:

Fantastic. I can't see any remaining issues now. Much appreciated. I just need to play test the campaign.

Actually... is there any chance of the tooltip text going back to white?

This might illustrate the difference (v15 vs. v16). 


Most of the rest of the text is actually the white color, just the item, skill, and spell tooltips that are not.

The plain white just looks really crisp and clean and Diablo-ish.



EDIT: Sorry there was also still this one:

UI_TT_SE_CM_BEKEHRUNG_PROPERTIES_3  "et_prone_all" is still showing as flat value


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здравствуйте, ваш мод великолепен, играть в ваниль или другие моды невозможно, после игры в этот мод. но есть пара моментов которые хотелось бы прояснить. 

начнем с простого... банки пополнения ХП , спамить ими нельзя - это ладно , но они еще и возполняют 12,5% на сложности серебро. посути бесполезная вещь, отхилится ими невозможно, в трудной ситуации они не спасают и не спасут.

а теперь перейдем к трудной ситуации упомянутой выше.

имеется такой квест как "вождь кобольдов" он явно какойто забагованый, при каждой его анимации будь то атака или просто передвижение, он кричит что то там на своем, и казалось бы, а где проблема? это я поясняю с чего я взял что он забагованый , дело в том что его крики даже не успевают закончится как издается новый крик, и так далее до бесконечности, звук наслаивается друг на друга и получается какойто хор вождей. но проблема собственно не в этом, он черезвычайно силен, вы скажете но это же босс он и должен быть сильным. да но немного левее по карте был подобный квест на убийство "Грифона" тоже бос в меру сильный но убиваемый. с вождем же все иначе, его атаки сносят 1/3 здоровья, я пришел к нему на 9ом уровне, он же был всеголишь 4го кровня (сложность бронза) и я не могу к нему подойти так как почти сразу умру, я прошел этот квест только изза "скелетов прислужников" это они его убили, но это чтоза "Воин Тени" который боится подойти в плотную к врагу. насложности "серебро"  является не проходимым, так как его уровень скалируется под уровень ГГ.


hello, your mod is great, it's impossible to play vanilla or other mods after playing this mod. But there are a couple of points that I would like to clarify. let's start with a simple one... cans of HP replenishment, you can't spam them - that's okay, but they also replenish 12.5% on silver difficulty. essentially a useless thing, it is impossible to heal them, in a difficult situation they do not save and will not save. Now let's move on to the difficult situation mentioned above.

there is such a quest as "the leader of the kobolds" he is clearly some kind of bug, with each of his animations, whether it's an attack or just movement, he shouts something there on his own, and it would seem, where is the problem? I explain why I took it that he is buggy, the fact is that his screams do not even have time to end when a new cry is issued, and so on ad infinitum, the sound is layered on top of each other and it turns out some kind of choir of leaders. but that's not really the problem, he's extremely strong, you might say, but he's the boss and he should be strong. yes, but slightly to the left on the map

attacks take away 1/3 of health, I came to him at level 9, he was only 4th level (difficulty bronze) and I can’t approach him because I’ll die almost immediately, I passed this quest only because of the “minion skeletons” they are he was killed, but this is something like a "Shadow Warrior" who is afraid to come close to the enemy. difficulty "silver" is not passable, since its level is scaled to the level of GG.



in addition, there is a certain monster, referred to as "vile defiler"


тут всё хуже чем с вождем, это просто монстр чемпион, и мне кажется это не из ванильного сакреда. ну так вот, будучи простым чемпионом , убивает за пару секунд, если у ГГ например выполняется анимация "мульти удара" (движение заблокировано пока инимация не проиграет до конца) то с вероятностью 80% вы будете убиты, банки ХП не спасают, пробовал уходить в фул броню - не помогает, пробовал вставлять руны на похищение ХП - не помогает, пробовал разгонять регенерацию здоровья максимально на сколько это возможно на моем уровне - не помогает, этого монстра ничего не заботит, он пришел , убил , ушел. и вы скажете "ну так не дерись с ним, пробеги мимо, его не обязательно быть" да, но они спавнятся пачками, и ходят друг за другом почти как кабольды, их очень много и они очень сильные, встреча с ними - не минуема.


everything is worse here than with the leader, it's just a champion monster, and it seems to me that this is not from a vanilla sacred. well, being a simple champion, it kills in a couple of seconds, if the GG, for example, has a "multi-hit" animation (movement is blocked until the animation loses to the end), then with a probability of 80% you will be killed, HP banks do not save, I tried to go to full armor - does not help, tried to insert runes to steal HP - does not help,

I tried to accelerate the regeneration of health as much as possible at my level - it doesn’t help, this monster doesn’t care about anything, he came, killed, left. and you say "well, don't fight him, run past him, he doesn't have to be" yes, but they spawn in batches, and walk one after another almost like kabolds, there are a lot of them and



прошу заметить, все скрины делались на сложности "бронза" , на сложности "серебро" ващего ГГ почти взглядом испепеляют. эти монстры спавнятся примерно после этой линии

please note, all the screenshots were made on the "bronze" difficulty, on the "silver" difficulty your GG is almost incinerated by a glance. these monsters spawn after this line


я несколько раз начинал игру заново, чтобы делать более живучую прокачку ГГ , всегда начинал на сложности "серебро". и это не приносило успехов, тогда я подумал, может для начала нужно пройти сложность бронзу, чтобы потом на "Серебре" уже придти сюда подготовленым, так и сделал, начал на "Бронзе" но когда дошел до этой линии, у меня руки отпустились, это невозможно. я несколько раз переустанавливал игру, несколько раз перекачивал и переустанавливал мод, думая о том что "может быть я гдето чтото не так сделал и теперь ловлю лютые баги" но все четно. ах да... забыл упомянуть о том что , пока делал скрины, эти "осквернители" никогда не промахиваются, чтоб вы понимали... монстры в этой области примерно 8-9уровня, кобанчики там, скелеты , кабольды,,,, они вообще не попадают по ГГ, всегда промахиваются, очень редко попадают, и в таком случае наноят по 1-2 еденице урона. это я описал как выклядит ситуация. даже "скелеты чемпионы" не наносят вреда, по сравнению с осквернителями. дальше этого момента я не играл, возможно гдето еще есть подобные существа, с лютым уроном. 

что делать ? как быть ? может есть какойто txt файл где прописаны параметры этого монстра, и я смогу в ручную отредактировать его по вашей подсказке ? играю кстати в простой "Addendum" без дарк мода. вернее не играю , пока не найду решение. извеняюсь за столь длинный пост.


I started the game again several times in order to make more tenacious pumping of the GG, I always started on the "silver" difficulty. and this did not bring success, then I thought, maybe first you need to go through the difficulty of bronze, so that later on the "Silver" you will already come here prepared, and I did it, I started on the "Bronze" but when I reached this line, my hands let go, this is impossible. I reinstalled the game several times, downloaded and reinstalled the mod several times, thinking that "maybe I did something wrong somewhere and now I'm catching fierce bugs" but that's all

even. oh yes... I forgot to mention that while making screenshots, these "defilers" never miss, so you understand... monsters in this area are about 8-9 levels, kobanchiki there, skeletons, kabolds,,,, they are generally they do not hit the GG, they always miss, they hit very rarely, and in this case they inflict 1-2 units of damage. This is how I describe the situation. even "champion skeletons" do no harm, compared to defilers. I didn’t play beyond this point, maybe somewhere else there are similar creatures with fierce damage.

what to do ? how to be? maybe there is some kind of txt file where the parameters of this monster are registered, and I can manually edit it according to your prompt? By the way, I play a simple "Addendum" without a dark mod. I don't really play until I find a solution. I apologize for such a long post.



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@BedGame Hallo and welcome to the forums! A beautiful detailed  first post, images diagrams... delighted you have found us 🙌  Also because this site is English and there are members reading posts from their cells, it may be difficult for it to translate easy. I've put in English translations after your paragraphs, and hope this helps with getting your word out to all our readers.




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hello, I found a couple more bugs, the "dracomage" is not playable, in the form of a "half dragon", the attack speed is equal to 400%, I doubt that this is intended, because it annihilates everything that is possible, except for bugged monsters. also, the "dracomage" does not properly display skill perks, such as "blacksmithing" or "athletics" and so on. Well, the problem with the "defiler" remains relevant. below I will leave a link to YouTube, which shows the main problems, I hope you can leave links to YouTube here.


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Good afternoon! I can find out when the quest for the second seller of special mounts is activated (stands opposite the first seller)?
I found it at the very end of the game, when I accidentally teleported to the island and saw "Question" on the map  :)

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Dimitrius, I dont know what your plans for Sacred 2 are exactly, but what do you think of a caravan system, just like you know it from Fallout 2 for example? The player could explore the gameworld by joining a caravan as a hired gun, running into various encounters and monsters from across entire Ancaria. A neat little trick to implement role playing without enforcing it.

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Hello Dmitry, I re-read most of this forum, and noticed that the problem with the "defiler" (monster champion), was mentioned more than once, but there was no answer from you on this matter. can I get a direct answer to this problem ? will the "defiler" be fixed in one of the next patches? and I would like to know the approximate timing of the release of this very patch. I apologize for my insistence, I'm just looking forward to this fix, and several times a day, I go to this forum to see your comment, and honestly, I'm already tired of waiting for the weather by the sea. please comment on this issue. Once again, I apologize for the persistence.

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On 6/30/2023 at 5:06 PM, BedGame said:

can I get a direct answer to this problem ? will the "defiler" be fixed in one of the next patches?

Thing is, there seems to be no actual problem. Putrid Defilers appear only on Pandemonium mode, which was supposed to be the endgame content. Yet, people try to play it with fresh characters. I understand the frustration, but a cavalry charge against a row of Gatling guns always fails.

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On 6/24/2023 at 12:00 PM, Dax said:

what do you think of a caravan system, just like you know it from Fallout 2 for example?

There's a "convoy" mission type, but no blueprint quest to follow. I think, they had the plans, but the area-to-area transition and pathing solution made those unfeasible.

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1 hour ago, dimitrius154 said:

Nope, I've left it stationary.

Got it, thanks. That will work better for D2F.  Do be aware the change log in the lead post says otherwise.

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4 hours ago, dimitrius154 said:

Дело в том, что, похоже, реальной проблемы нет. Гнилые осквернители появляются только в режиме Пандемониума, который должен был стать эндгейм-контентом. Тем не менее, люди пытаются играть в нее со свежими персонажами. Я понимаю разочарование, но кавалерийская атака против ряда орудий Гатлинга всегда терпит неудачу.

maybe these defilers are supposed to spawn in pandemonium mode, but I'm trying to play in a normal company. and by the way, in pandemonium mode, there are no defilers, in places where defilers spawn, I observed some legions, I can make screenshots, or record a video sequence.

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