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Kovalsky [Purple D.] vs. Ike [D.a.r.k.]

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And so it ends. Not at all as planned, and therefore, it was as expected. :D I sent 55 RIPs to my colony next to Spanky's moon last week and he phalanxed them. He was very active over the weekend, so I was not able to try again until yesterday. He was offline most of the day, so I sent RIPs on an 11-hour journey and meanwhile sent the rest of my fleet to the planet quickly and then deployed back to my moon and then recalled. In all, four fleets were to arrive within 2 seconds and two more fleets a minute and change later with the recyclers and some cargos. He came online with a few hours to go and did not launch. D'oh!


So I watched and waited. Saw activity on all of his planets and then silence, 15 minutes before the reset, no activity anywhere. I got a window of a little over an hour on his fleet, presumably leaving from G3 moon to its own DF. However, the DF disappeared at an odd time that did not match up right. I launched 18 rips in six waves on a moon destruction mission with the thought that if his fleet returned I could recall them to all return at the same time and meanwhile deploy the fleet back to my moon and then recall again. However, I took a nap for an hour and 10 minutes and in that time, his fleet apparently returned, he came online, and crashed me. Just kinda figures the way things have gone in the past. I put out a call to D.a.r.k. and PAWNZ about recs and Slithle was the only one close enough and fast enough. If Spanky had turned his recs around quickly, he would have gotten the whole DF. Too bad for him.


Planets, moons, and fleets deleted. Except for the 18 RIPs Spanky did not bother to phalanx. Those are on 10-day moon destruction missions to Spanky's G1 and G5 moons. :)


It has been a lot of fun hanging with you all. As I have made clear of late, this is what I wanted, although not exactly in this manner. It is time to leave oGame. Thanks especially to GoGo for the account. Sorry it did not turn out exactly as planned, but it was a lot of fun while it lasted. :P





Attacker Kovalsky



Light Fighter 204,354 (Lost = 54,111)

Cruiser 40,134 (Lost = 3262)

Battleship 21,048 (Lost = 1025)

Battlecruiser 4529 (Lost = 249)






Defender Ike



Small Cargo 879

Large Cargo 1335

Light Fighter 8368

Heavy Fighter 5501

Cruiser 10,976

Battleship 1106

Recycler 7022

Espionage Probe 14

Bomber 110

Destroyer 3456

Deathstar 37

Battle Cruiser 1850



The attacker has won the battle!

He captured

102,636 metal, 51,093 crystal, and 914,393 deuterium


The attacker lost a total of 383,448,000 units.

The defender lost a total of 1,434,006,000 units.

At these space coordinates now float 342,574,800 metal and 202,661,400 crystal.

The chance for a moon to be created is 20%


The enormous amounts of free metal and crystal draw together and form a moon around the planet.



Recyclers (Slithle):


Your 4947 Recyclers have a total capacity of 96,940,000.

At the target, 182,414,800 metal and 42,502,300 crystal are floating in space.

You have harvested 54,437,700 metal and 42,502,300 crystal.


In addition, I harvested 6 recs worth out of spite. Didn't want him to get the entire DF in case Slithle was late. ;)


- Ike

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:P Well it was destined to happen just not quite like this. Sorry ta see it wasnt under yer terms Ike but hey you were leaving anyway and ya killed his moons and took a chunk outta his fleet-maybe beo or someone can seize the moment and put him down for good.



Edit: And what did he make anyway 65 million profit if he was lucky.

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Posted on the OoF. Apparently it is Yakusa again. Whatever.


Yeah, profit around 65MM, minus 2 MM or so for fleet and recs.


- Ike

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Oh well, at least you did a good bit of damage. I wish you could have gotten the whole DF, and really messed things up. :)


Even the blind squirrels find nuts sometimes.


Now PAWNZ is largely without help in u9 for dealing with Sphen and his crowd of high ranked noobs. :(

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Da fleet...da fleet! :) heh, I'm glad to see it go out actually in such a huge boom...and what a boom... number two hit in uni nine, :(


Ike, I'm glad you got to has so much fun with the account. It was two years for me having fun with it, I met so many friends, we got to build DarkMatters around ogame, and the 10000 probes, 3000 destroyers and 75 rips it had in it's prime were great for gloats. You put it through it's paces, and gave it life during these, ogame's end game for uni 9.


Couldn't have asked for a more fun end.


Thanks Ike, and cheers you for the work.





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Aww, sorry to see that it didn't end quite as you planned it, but in the end all your past actions against his account makes you overall the clear winner of this fight. :)


Enjoy your newly gained free time in RL and continue putting as much effort into everything you do.


Respect to a great man. :(

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Mmmmm? What about D.A.R.K. & PAWNZ combined? Hee hee remember SIN ? ( my luck I couldn't get into either one, D.A.R.K. and PAWNZ not SIN *lol*deprimetriste294230fr.gif )

Ike I all ready have said what I think about you leaving in a pm so enough said there. I will miss you, you have sparked a excitement in universe 9 that was badly needed.

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Only just seen this (as not been paying much attention to ogame of late) At least you went down fighting, you've been giving that account hell for ages.


Enjoy R/L again



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