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Requiem Bloodymare (Open Beta)

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Just want to let everyone know that Requim Bloodymare has gone Open Beta and its free to register and play during the beta period.


I have'nt tested it yet so no clue if its any good or not, so please post any feedback if someone tested it :4rofl:








Info from their site:


Requiem: Bloodymare is a massively multiplayer online game for mature audiences that will immerse you into a dark world of bloodshed devastated by generations of scientific and magical abuse. You'll need to fight against the grotesque monsters that stalk the cursed land, and band together with your allies to survive against the stronger, bloodthirsty creatures that only prowl at night. Use a wide selection of weapons and the mysterious powers of Beast Possession to strike down your enemies and destroy evil. Requiem Online offers a refreshingly new approach to the MMOPRG genre with its grim, dark atmosphere and tense, blood splattering action.


Key Game Features:


Face your Worst Nightmares

Even the most experienced players will cringe when darkness falls in the world of Requiem. The bloodthirsty Nightmare Monsters that appear at night will ravage the strongest parties if they are not adequately prepared for battle.


Weapon Enhancements

Players can upgrade, customize, or create new items to suit their combat styles and battle prowess with several different item enhancement systems.


Beast Possession System

Unleash the incredible power of the beast within by transforming into an enormous, ferocious creature. Level-up your Possession Beasts to equip your monstrous transformations with a variety of deadly skills and abilities to maximize your destructive potential.


Epic Player-Versus-Player (PvP) Battles

Battle your foes on an enormous scale on an 8-vs-8, 16-vs-16, 32-vs-32, or colossal 96-vs-96 battlefield. The victors will be rewarded with special items that are key to obtaining the rarest weapons and armor!


DNA System

Boost your character strengths and minimize their weaknesses by reorganizing their DNA as you see fit. Having full control over their evolution leads to a wide variety of character builds that share the same class and race.


Group Zones

Jump over obstacles, collect key items, and complete other challenges to pass through locked areas as you venture in a group to discover what terror lies before you. These areas are designed especially for groups of players to experience an intense series of battles with great rewards.


and some screenies:






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lol, that's pretty hardcore

I think I will download this little pretty and see what it can do

And, I'm downloading the client...found the trailer, ganto I put it into your post since you found this little game. Game play looks pretty good. I'm a sucker for great music, and this game's definitely got it.

I can't stop watching the trailer, lol... the editing with it is superb. Someone has spent a LOT of time getting the music to synch properly with the action.








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Ah cool! Love the transformations into monsters that the playable characters can do. Nice! Can't wait to see the demo gogo! *sneaks onto gogo's pc while he's away* :P


The graphics look great to me and the pacing of the action looks like a lot of fun. Oh and check out the giant weapons the playable characters use. :4rofl:

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DLing the client looks like a great game for when my kids arent watching over my shoulders. (I.e. in bed)

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Finally got it to work, now let the gore begin :drinks:


I’d suggest using the torrent option to download the client then updating it manually instead of waiting hours for the autopatcher only to get various error messages



game is eating up my RAM

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I did some reading on the Requiem forum and the devs have posted that as of last night they updated the client download due to problems with the patching system. They've stated that their servers are being overwhelmed with download requests since the start of the Open Beta which began yesterday so they decided to release a new client for download that includes those patches. Hopefully that will resolve the patching problem.


I started downloading last night which has been running overnight while I slept and it's still downloading. I opted to not use the torrent and instead took the download direct from the site. I guess I should have went the torrent way... 88% and counting! Averaging 60 KB/s from the site download.


Got 2GB of ram. Hope that's enough! :drinks:

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Hummmmm............very interesting :twitch:


are there costs involved in this game?........... like the game that is always referred to when a MMORPG is mentioned :D


I will sit on the bench and wait for some more feedback before downloading as I have limited bandwidth. :whip:



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The basic game is and will be free to play. There are plans to have a cash shop and premium services available for a subscription fee.


It’s worth a try. As for the graphics, the environment doesnt look very polished but the characters are fine and fairly detailed.

Cant say much about the gameplay yet, it’s been hacking and slashing with the usual quests (kill 10 of these, kill 5 of those) but I keep going back playing so I guess it’s not that bad :whip: When you choose your profession at lvl10 your skills get reset, so basically Ive just started the building, but there seems to be a healthy amount of available skills and crafting options

Oh and it’s uncensored so you’ll probably quickly learn to ignore the global chat :twitch:

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It kinda sounds Like Anarchy Online with if you pay you get the good Stuff I might try it out aft waiting for it to DL for hours I finally gave up maybe I will try to force me self to be patient and let it start again

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Well, I'm still hacking away at level 7. I go on and off back to the game every now and then to kill stuff. It's cool seeing how many peeps are playing. However, the graphics aren't all that polished right now (course I'm only level 7, what do I know ;)) And my toon doesn't move too fast or cool. I guess I'm waiting for more action Combat Arts or something.


And...I detest the way things sound when I hit them. It sounds like a trashcan hitting the sidewalk...over and over.... Pretty annoying and getting to the point of pretty agravating.


That's one thing about Sacred they had down perfect. Amazing range of sounds when you were in battle.


I'll spend some more time on it today and report back.






p.s. Ganto, I'll have Schot post on how he got to make the download work, it was tricky

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Well, I'm still hacking away at level 7. I go on and off back to the game every now and then to kill stuff. It's cool seeing how many peeps are playing. However, the graphics aren't all that polished right now (course I'm only level 7, what do I know ;)) And my toon doesn't move too fast or cool. I guess I'm waiting for more action Combat Arts or something.


Movement speed doesnt seems to get better at all, there's supposed to be some kind of mount available at higher levels.


Which server are you playing on?

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I have a confession to make guys.... I'm friggin addicted to this game. I don't know where it came from. Halp! We must be putting in about 8- 9 hours a day...I don't where the hours are coming from! And, I can feel the demand it's been putting on my spare time... calls are going unanswered, my family has threatened to do surprise visits, the old lady across the hall says my hair is getting too long *rolls eyes*




Okay, I'm going to do a writeup of what me and Brad are finding so interesting to play about this game.


First of all, this is the first mmorpg I've ever played in my life. The only other one that I think had the same feel as this... was Sacred...which had mmorpg permanency but with no online fees. Requiem is like that... a HUGE world, FULL of frills, fancies... a socketing system that is to die for... mods, mods MODS galore...TONS of folks all playing online at once...Combat Arts... don't get me talking about Combat Arts...Combat Arts that will make you weep with how fast they cast... incredible functionality of tool and spell bars....HUGE flexibility builds... the list goes on. I've been up till five in the morning one day, and... not gonna say who here...lol, SOMEONE has done an overnighter with this game!




The movement is VERY interesting.... it's not like Sacred or Guild Wars where you're locked into one direction... you actually have full freedom of movement once you get used to it to actually attack from almost any axis. For example, I can keep firing off salvos of spells over and over while I'm circling around an enemy. This kind of freedom is insane in terms of offering opportunity in terms of how to kill.


Environments... they look okay... but it's not the environment that will pull you in on this game...it's the pure joy of gameplay, and how fast you can set off Combat Arts all one after another.


There is definitely grind here in this game. It's got permanency, so, like in Sacred, you have to keep doing stuff (lol, like in real life) to get your levels, build up money, etc...


And... there is risk built into building your toons. Me and Brad were doing a lot of talking about this. It's obvious here that the devs have, after four years of designing this game, come to understand that gambling is a major part of the human psychology. And when you win while you're gambling... you feel like you're king of the world.


The socketing system is SO friggin hard to understand... in fact, lol...I still don't get it. The two times I've had to update my equipment, I've had to conference with Brad because I'd never been able to figure out all of it's complexities...but when you DO finally get it... it's an unbelievably wonderful feeling to know that you've got a build and items that noone else has, not just because you've got equipment, but because noone else had the kahunas to throw the dice!



And...we can have up to eight peeps at a time playing in a group, with tons of peeps in a server at time. I'm thinking that since this is my first real mmorpg, this is why I've fallen hook like and sinker for it...sort of like Sacred when I first got it.


My hugs to everyone here, lol, I'm slowly getting a handle on this new "alternate" reality for me, lol. And, of course.... if anyone here wants to join up, you know we'll always play!


We're in the first server at the top of the list. I'm currently playing a Templar, which I realize now in retrospect was not what I really wanted... man, you guys should see the spells the shamans can cast...the sound effects are hilarious, and the graphics of magic being set off... :mafia:


Sacred's been here for years, I'm thinking that it would be cool if all of us could play something that was free maybe, and that could fit all of us on at once...maybe something to keep us going through till Sacred 2 gets here?


In terms of value, getting to play a beta like this for free...with ALL of the frills is such a wonderful summer bonus.


If you make it to the game, we'll be here waiting for you with a great D.a.r.k hug!






p.s. yes there is gore, llama...but it's more like clumps of stuff flying off monsters, all graphically neat stuff for a while until you even stop seeing it anymore because it's just part of the game. I hope you guys don't let that turn you off. :mafia: This game has SO much in it, and any help we can get from friendlies with insight into the mechanics and builds would be awesome :lol:

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Well...Schot mentioned the game to me at kamikaze today and I'm downloading it so I will be in to join you Gogo and friends! You say its free...do you mean just the open beta? or the actual game will be free and you only have to pay for more frills?


If its free...that might make a good thing to do for the summer while waiting for Sacred 2 as you said :Just_Cuz_21:!


Sounds pretty fun and complicated hopefully I will find something I like!


4 more hours,



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Ok, we've heard the good, now lets hear the ugly


First lets just say that I like this game a lot, but sometimes it sets my nerves on edge. I know it’s beta but still… there are a lot of issues need to be fixed. And wheter it'll happen or not we'll make or break this game for me.


I really, really hope they plan to do a major rebalancing. I’ve only tried 3 classes so far, but from my limited experiences and from what I’ve seen and what I’ve been told… there are major differences in terms of survivalability and sheer power. I understand that Soul Hunters will start to shine after lvl30 and defenders might get better after a while, but frankly, I wouldn’t want to struggle through 30 lvls hoping that some day… I may be able to put up a fight. And all this while I see that casters are ridiculously overpowered – I know, I’m playing two of them. A rollercoaster progress of characters are fine to an extent, but this game is taking it a bit too far


socketing system… :woot:

yes, you need kahunas indeed. But when you lose your amplio piece you’ve just spent half your hard-earned money on, you really want to scream. And that was just a single piece of your gear. Even at „very high probability” of success, at every attempt you have a change of failing and then you lose everything: the item, all the xeons (items used to reinforce your equipment, they are hard to come by) and of course the money you’ve invested. And as there’s a random factor involved “socketing” there’s no guarantee that you’ll get a better item (ok, its only partly true) meaning you have to go on with socketing until you get something you like, risking your investment at every attempt. After destroying two amplio rate pieces of my equipment (both hat high probability of success), I’ve really come to hate this system. With passion. It just wouldn’t be too hard to implement socketing in a more reasonable way, let’s say you only lose your xeon and money, but at least you get to keep the item itself with its previous upgrades.


XP reduction in parties seems to be unreasonably high – this is purely based on my personal experiences, my templar always levels faster in solo, no matter how slower she kills on her own. I’d love to hear some input on this btw.


I’m not completely sold on how defense works, it may very well lead to defense being useless late game, and possibly other balance issues (classes with % based dam reduction skills being overpowered in terms of defense) Anyway we’ll see…


Some other minor annoyances of mine:


I find myself smashing the keyboard quite often as my toon refuses to attack. Also some baddies seem to flee from me after taking some damage – I can’t target them, yet they can hit me from a mile away while they are on the run.


Quest descriptions are messed up. Badly. Don’t trust them, they probably guide you to the wrong direction.


Chaste Sactum dungeon. It was one of the most annoying gaming experiences ever. It was more like playing prince of persia than anything. I lost count how many times I simply fell into the abyss, and its not like it can be avoided, there are strategically placed respawning baddies who paralyze you when you want to jump. So damn frustrating. Other dungeons I’ve been to seemed fine. But I now that I think of it, it may even be seen as a positive feature, a dungeon that offers some variation ...


There’re two different starting areas available, sadly they offer pretty much the same quests and even enemies.


And some features I like (obviously beside those gogo already mentioned)


Love the design concept , I easily prefer it over the cartoonish, candly colored looks of other mmorpgs.

The world is huge with lots of quests (so far) so I can keep grinding to a minimum.

Gore. Of course the gore. But sadly it gets old very quickly, and quite frankly this game is not frightening and even creepy at all.


Anyway, despite all its flaws I enjoy it immensely, highly recommended :Just_Cuz_21:


Oh, and you’re big meanies for playing on the first server. The second one even has less lag issues. I don’t suppose there’s an option to transfer characters :woot:

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I'm staying on the bench for this one. It has the evil three letters: MMO so that means fees, grinding, and griefers. I doubt very seriously the 'free' game will have anything to make it attractive, and only the pay to players will get all the bells and whistles.

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Not all MMO's are like that daveo and so far from what I have played of this one isnt that bad except for the lag

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Forgot to add the DNA system to the pros list. Provides endless possible combinations to further enhance/customize your built.


And Im gonna stress it once more: its worth a try. It is a lot better than Sacred when it comes to grinding. And as of now, nobody pays, so no "unfair" advantages are given. Griefers unfortunately abound, but you can safely ignore them. Come and play!


And as for the lag, the Lintra server hardly has any. In fact Ive only encountered the lag monster only once there *hint, hint* :woot:

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