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    Hey there again folks! As you know, I've never played Sacred 2 before, but this is going to change, because yesterday I finally bought it! The thing that scares me the most is that while I know Underworld literally to perfection, I have no idea what awaits me on Sacred II! When I play Sacred (1) I don't even need to read the quests because I already know what I have to do to complete them; I know the best builds for each class, I know how to use the right skills at the right time. While on Sacred two I'm just a rookie. But I'm not scared. I'm already downloading the community patch, because obviously the game doesn't start.
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    Bomb disarmed Wonder how many more are around.
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    I don't know what OS you are using. Try looking in your main drive C and Users/"Your User Name"/Saved Games/Ascaron Entertainment/Sacred2. I am playing the GOG version and the file of which you seek may have a somewhat different pathway.
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    Built up some tents and readying for the evacuation of a nearby village. Some relatives live there and a world war 2 bomb was found. The attempt to disarm will be on sunday morning and needs an evacuation of around 5000 people. So the kids from my cousines will sleep in the tents from saturday to sunday. https://www.feuerwehr-dillenburg.de/ The evacuation zone. Luckily most of our district is forest.
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    Gonna be playing Grim Dawn soon ( late I know) and Shadows Awakening ... both discounted on Steam now till July 10 https://store.steampowered.com/app/585450/Shadows_Awakening/ https://store.steampowered.com/app/219990/Grim_Dawn/ Was gonna get the last Epoch Beta but price and download size are too big.
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    I'm in the middle of another development cycle for this mod, with the intent to release a final version of Diablo 2 Fallen. With all features complete, with all bugs squished. Version 12 will have one of the largest change logs ever. There were three major "features" that have been on my road map since the first release, but have yet to be implemented. Here's my thoughts: Mercenaries. Hirelings are not going to happen. I'm taking them off the list of plans. The reason is because the solution that we implemented to make quest escort NPC's more durable would also affect the hirelings' damage. Your merc wouldn't be able to do any worthwhile damage. The attempt to create an NPC who could sell hirelings (like a mount trader for people) also failed. Hairstyles/beards for Barbarian & Druid. These are actually coded to be fully functional thanks to Dmitriy, I just have to figure how to import the models into the game. Usually Pesmontis had done that in the past, and I don't have 3dsMax installed on my PC anymore. This feature is still uncertain. Character class quests rewritten for the new characters. I'm happy to say this is nearly complete. I've gone through every character's personal quest, Light and Shadow paths, to rewrite the dialogue and journal entries to be appropriate for the Diablo player characters. Along the way I ended revising almost every quest in the game to integrate Diablo-universe lore into the game in every instance possible. With those features out of the way, it just remains to fine tune balance and fix bugs. I'm still finding bugs both with the vanilla game and specific to my mod. There is also a MAJOR balancing pass to all enemies in the game, more comprehensive than any mod has ever done. More on balancing and bug fixing next time.
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    It is a fascinating place, and it's a region I haven't paid enough attention to I think. Maybe it's because it's so late in the campaign and I'm usually ready to push on to the next difficulty. But the island is deceptively large - there's actually a lot to explore here if you count the treetop city and the ruins in the mountains, not to mention the huge dungeon that's half the size of the entire island. One thing I noticed is a lot of interesting statues, shrines, and altars. The Dryad culture seems to borrow elements and designs from Aztecs and other ancient Central American civilizations. A lot of them are bloody and otherwise pretty sinister. There's also a statue that kind of reminds me of a vampire! Anyway, here's my photo album of them:
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    Head east from Logaeiar, over the bridge into the ruins. Look for the mummy outside the entrance. The trick is that the quest marker does not appear until you actually find the mummy.
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    Lately I've found myself returning over and over again to Turtle Island. After soldats and a few others here had mention that these fearsome beasties dropped off a high number of mentor pots, Schot and I used the island as a part of the experience run where we got his toon from sixty to level 100 in a glorious weekend. The turtles seem docile enough, their damage negligible, their speed laughable. It's only when you begin attacking them that they turn into.... Killer Turtles!! The turtles can be rounded up easily, and make great ashtray holders when they belly up in death throes (oooh, there's Barris there in the background collecting some to sell )... Two types of champs. The green ones are anathema to any ranged build. They have been nerfed for this last patch, but even though the amount of your damage they reflect has been reduced, very quick concurrent attacks can have dryads with significant damage redline before they know it. When their spikes are showing, it means their evil buff is in action and is waiting to take you out ^^ When you see one of these turtles, if you don't have anti-reflective weaponry in use and your build is very damage oriented ...run! (Pic below is of me running away from a very big one ^^) Rawr!! Or... another strategy if you're too lazy to have a weapon for these reptiles... pump pots while you're throwing damage, and hope your timing is right The second type of Turtle Champ is the brown shelled one. It will throw bolts of blue energy that crackle, make you dizzy and look like you're suffering from a hangover. The freeze the bolts will put your character in is complete, and you will not be able to use any other Combat Arts or even more while so immobilized. On turtle island, this is not so dangerous, as only other turtles will come and attempt to nibble at you. In the swamp, or other areas of the game, this complete freeze can lead to traps being set underneath you. They also have a prodigious number of HP as champs, and are very very difficult to draw a bead on... Be careful. I was hesitant to use any strategy different from that of spamming my blowpipe (I'm lazy ). However, the attraction of such huge number of creatures with enormous amounts of HP all clustered together in a nice little package with a great chance to drop mentors was too much of a draw. A week's worth of shopping netted me my gem. A throwing star with -Significant Chance to Hit -Huge Anti-Reflection -Huge Base Damage -Percentage Life Leech! I call it... Soup Makah! Soup Makah creams flesh off armored bodies almost instantly, while reducing these armored denizens' ability to give me a near heart attack to more manageable levels. Drawing the turtles into groups helps conserve the precious Mentor pots, while increasing the yield of experience gained while the pots are in use. My trips to Turtle Island are more frequent now, with that new trusty weapon at side. There is soup for every meal. gogo
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    It's not a chance, and yes it is terrible wording. A better wording would be : "Opponent Health for Deathblow", which I use in my mods. I believe Dmitriy uses "Opponent Health Threshold for Deathblow" in his mod, to really spell it out. Death Blow is double damage, simple as that. Death Blow doesn't operate by giving you a chance to trigger it, instead, when the opponent's health falls below a certain threshold, all your hits inflict Death Blow (double damage) on that opponent. So the % number you're looking at is the threshold of hitpoints the enemy has to fall to before Death Blow starts triggering.
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    The effect function was disabled codewise. The shaking in Sacred 2 was as bad, as in Sacred 1. A constant annoyance factor. Not to mention watching at a shaking screen for extended periods of time is a sure way of providing your local ophthalmologist with a steady income, at your expense.
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    I always use this path: C/programs(x89)/sacred_gold/save for the cd version and C/progrma(x86)/steam/steamapps/common/sacred_gold/save for the steam version. the problem is that the old version folder is empty, but im still seeing the characters in the import menu. So I cant export them to the steam version.
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    Hoping this turns out well. Can't even imagine the feelings from a situation like this, and hoping your family and community remains safe gogo
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    Super happy you got it...! You're on board, with the kindest gamers in the world. Patch up and Get ye those monstahs! gogo
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    toy gun ---> toy gun (film) I have never even heard of this film, I simply found it by searching for "toy gun" on the internet, with the intention of actually finding the name of a toy gun brand. The curious thing is that the director is called Serafini (in Italian = Seraphim)
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    Hope you enjoy Sacred 2 as much as I have enjoyed it over the years, and I did not find the learning curve to be that steep, considering it is one of the only RPG games I have played. and if you do have any questions, then DarkMatters is here, as well as SacredWiki Have FUN!
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    We were up in the country this weekend, and took the dog out with us to get some extra high density packed super laden bacon pizza. We turn onto my cousin's road, and his wife lets the dog out who loves to race the car!. Apparently she can go even faster, but Kandy wont take the car higher than 40 as she's afraid the dog could get a heart attack :O gogo
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    That's correct. The AI ignores any value set in the "cost_level" and "cost_base" and spams the spell invariably, unless a cooldown value is present. Yes, it would, unless used against players in Deathmatch. Yes, a sound idea, I agree.
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    This was a great end of weekend vibe. We just came back from a long weekend with the family, sitting here, doing laundry, cooking and just chilling... this tune is great accompaninment and got me to thinking about the week coming up. Thanks for the weekend soundtrack. You make me wish I'd stuck to the piano lessons as a kid gogo
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    Managed to mostly overcome that problem... Now I have to manually hardcore a lot of bytes... But anyway, I got it to show "connecting" in the game and to send dsts to the server (one way). Inchin closer and closer!
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    Thursday was a celebration day here and school made friday school free. So we spend a day at my Mom's place and the town I spend my first 6 years: Wetzlar. Our third has to write about Goethe for a summer holiday project and so we did a little research at Wetzlar. Goethe's 'The Sorrows of young Werther' was inspired by a suicide of one of his Friends. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karl_Wilhelm_Jerusalem https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Sorrows_of_Young_Werther This is the house there Jerusalem suicided. It is now a museum about 'The Sorrows of young Werther'. Did the shot a while ago while waiting for my girls to finish shopping.
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    Greetings citizens of Ancaria, My name is... Well this is where the conundrum starts already. I call myself TSP now, on the web, for quite a long time. But I used to go by another name in Sacred 1 and 2. I was part of Clan DA and DM (I don't really know if that matters or if anyone cared, I think we were secretly jumping ship from time to time to play with whomever was the most active community at the hours! I remember Gogo from DM, and Dags from Clan DA... and that's about it! I literally have nothing else to go on. I used to play with a person from Clan DA the most, that switched to Guild Wars (1) during the beta and he became an uncle (I think, or was it father? This is all so embarrassing...) and we played for a couple of years, and I think we continued together on to Sacred 2, too. I'm just not sure anymore at this point. The email addresses I used back then are all long, long gone. I think it was hotmail at the time but hey, gmail turned out to be all the rage with 1 GB STORAGE instead of... 50 MB? So there's no way to keep track of registration/verification mails from these sites either. It doesn't really matter I guess, they were super fond memories and nothing would change that. Oh and while typing this I remember a name like Llama... and a woman that had a picture of a cat with a melon on her head... She was on the official forum a lot until we all created DM and Clan DA and we moved to those instead (well, mostly "in addition") Oh, did I tell you I'm bad at remembering things from way past when? Discovering all the graves the moment Sacred 2 came out was our most favorite past time the first few hours we played, and we found a lot of jokes and recognized community member names... Ah, those were the days. So I created this account a day or two ago because I needed some help with troubleshooting Sacred 2 after I bought it from GoG (it was a steal! And I always wanted a digital version even though I have the ultra rare collectors version of Fallen Angel (want a picture?! ) I couldn't get it to work after following many guides on Steam, GoG, and here so I was at wits end and created the account. But it was late already so I wanted to save it for the next day. But that post of mine never came. The game just "decided" to work. Whatever many changes I tried, I guess one of them eventually stuck with it after a reboot. But my cravings became more and more. "More nostalgia!" my brain said. And so I moved over to Sacred 1 yesterday (Also bought that from GoG same price (I think, or close to, whatever), same reason) and it just worked flawlessly on my Win10 x64 without having to do anything at all. Well that was a relief! Decided to check for mods, Veteran mod, tried it, leveled to 40 in like an hour... was tough as hell though, but the xp was insane... So I decided to see if there was perhaps something more fitting to me, then I came across the Sacred ReBorn mod... an hour ago or so. Read the changelog, loved the idea behind it all and decided to download it. And then proceeded to upload it here (Before even playing it!). MetaL had an older version up so I decided to add the upload with the new version. It still needs approval though. Just cross referencing with the source should do the trick. Thanks for reading! TSP God, I miss the good ol' days
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    Since last x-mas I have mainly been playing a classic rpg soloplayer : Pathfinder kingmaker, 3rd edition d&d ruleset. ( Its like Baldursgate 2 ) I complated normal difficulty with as much side stuff as possible in 504 hours, as a ranger. In my honest opinnion only bad are its singleplayer, it costs some dullars - but its worth it.
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    This song is called Lucidity. This one is improvisation. Instead of recording one of my dozens of old compositions (I've been too hard on myself for mistakes and tone issues), I decided to just record a fresh jam today. And this song just poured out. I hope you enjoy. Sometimes songs just seem to fall into your lap, and if you're lucky you record them while they're fresh on your mind. This tune just came flowing out this lazy Sunday afternoon as I was playing on the couch. This piece doesn't have any of the polish or precision of a rehearsed composition, it is raw and in a way more genuine. Maybe someday I will develop it into a more fleshed out song.
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    Well, since I'm a Supporting Member now, what else could I do but help out. At least I hope it helped. And it actually was a nice experience. Also, I'm ten days late, sorry about that.