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    There are often some simple questions related to the way Sacred 2 works insofar as how damage is calculated, what modifiers are and how they work, and what skills are best for a particular character and so forth. So, ask a question here unless it pertains to technical support or bugs that keep the game from working properly and such. If you believe that you know an answer respond to a query with what you know. If something here is properly clarified it may be updated on the Sacred Wiki in order to clear up potential future confusion. To get this thread started I will pose the first question: Does the item modifier, Chance To Disregard Armor apply only to Weapons and Weapon-Based Combat Arts or does it apply also to Spell-Based Combat Arts?
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    It's not, that info on the Wiki is dead wrong. I've just tested it out of curiosity and these are the values I get for CA level/reflect chance. This is valid with CM 1.60, no idea about vanilla. 1 - 25,2% 40 - 39,4% 132,6 - 58% 142,6 - 59,5% So don't ask me what's the correct formula but no, you can't get immune to melee damage at lv.40 CA. Not even at level 140, and I assume that due to diminishing returns even at CA level 200 you shouldn't get much more than 60/70%, but that's an estimate on my end. Defense value determines the chance an enemy has to hit you in melee/ranged. Evasion is another thing. Combat Reflexes ups your evasion chance, plus your chance to avert critical hits. Don't count on GT to overcome SR (the skill, not the stat), it just won't. And always use AL, and I mean always in every possible build you use. You could do something like that, there was an exploit in the game where in that situation you'd kill everything on and off-screen with invisible projectiles. But that was fixed with CM 1.60 and now only the right hand staff fires them, and at the correct distances.
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    To add to the other responses, armor reduces the amount of damage you will take from a source. More simply; increase defense to reduce your chance to be hit and increase armor to reduce the damage you take when hit. More complicated; you also need to consider the effects of damage mitigation, chance to evade, etc. on your gear.
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    Exactly, which means that Spell-Based Combat Arts are not affected by the Defense statistics or by Chance To Evade. The terminology and the manner in which a player protects their character is different.
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    That's pretty basic stuff. Defence value and attack value are values that get checked against a mob's to calculate your chance to hit and your chance to be hit with melee and ranged attacks. The higher the better since you hit more often and get hit less often. The same is valid for spell resistance (defence) and spell intensity (attack) when the hit is a spell-based CA.
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    Weapons and weapon-based combat arts only. I believe Dmitriy changed it in his mod to work on all damage sources. At least I remember it being up for discussion during CM 1.60 development.
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    You should still invest in Willpower as an attribute, it counts towards your base spell resistance stat and improves base damage on lightsabers. One more point for Elite mount in that case since it also boosts WIL. Spell Resistance, the skill not the stat, is something like a reverse Ancient Magic. When you get targeted by a spell-based CA it makes a check against the skill and the higher you have it the better the chance it'll fizzle, the same way that in reverse AM will make you hit home more often when you're the caster. But the thing is that SR won't be any earlier than your fourth or fifth mastery, so until then attribute points into WIL and the remaining bonuses from gear should help you cover the gap. I'd say that you could invest +1VIT until level 49 and then +1VIT/+1WIL from then on. Raising VIT on the earlier levels will make much more of an impact than raising WIL. Plus you can grab lighstabers with +%WIL, like Power of NIF from the Epic Office quest, so that helps. If you're going for Lightsabers aim for Power of NIF+Disturbance in the Force, killer duo and they're both fixed drops with 1.60.
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    Hi everyone, I wondered if it could be possible to create a mod that would make us a home somewhere in the map ? At first a simple home for everyone, then maybe a home according to whether you play a mage or a dark warrior for instance ! I'm not sure it is doable since I know nothing about modding.. If someone has such knowledge thanks for sharing it As a french player I could do the translation part if needed, and help if no special qualification is required with pleasure. Thanks in advance !
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    What a pity that so much remained unused. Fortunately, there are people like you who bring to light what is hidden From what patch was she available in this design? Patch 0100? Yes, it's really great. I like the aliens... but only in the game
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    A very sincere thank you to everyone who helped our new friend Durmir get in the game! You all earned mondo kudos!
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    Interesting.....that .dll shouldn't even be getting loaded unless you are in fact running on a laptop (and my guess is with Intel Integrated Graphics), no wonder you were getting a black screen, the damned thing was trying to access an IGPU you didn't have.
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    JANEY MACKERS!!! Thanks to you, my good man, I solved it!!! Now that I know which dll was the issue, all I had to do was to rename it into *.dll.bak, and BAM!!! Tha game works now, I just created my seraphim Thanks everyone, it was tough, but totally worth it! @Hooyaah: indeed you were right, patience and stubborness...
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    Editing the 300 side quests of Sacred Underworld is very difficult, but the consciousness thar my effort will help some people (not so much) is enough to go on!
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    Yes, the stats on the new items were designed to "fill in the gaps" of the vanilla selection. They were meant to provide modifiers that were lacking on certain item types, or to support builds that were not catered to before. Without it you're stuck with basically 1 armor set per aspect, and a weapon selection that pretty much favors either 1h melee or 2h ranged. I'd never go back myself, but I like to help people enjoy the game the way they want.
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    In developing CM 1.60 Dmitriy discovered you can have multiple tokens per modification tier. Say you wanted bronze mod #1 to apply two effects, you'd just put two spell tokens that both had "1" as the third parameter. When the player selected the upper bronze mod, both properties would be added to the spell. As for the rest, I'd be surprised if it's all truly working smoothly. I know the plague poison from Viperish Disease refused to be applied to other spell classes in my experiments; I wouldn't be surprised if plague fire acted the same way. And someone somewhere in one of our threads here had made mention of a spell token limit, but I've never come up against it. I've gone as high as entry18 without any issues.
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    Methatronc! good seeing you back.. that avatar...its SO distinct... ! That would have been cool if we could have had our home in Ancaria... I wonder what mortgage rates would go for ^^ gogo
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    I admit that all the talk about Grim Dawn being the new gen Titan Quest, and then having it suddenly drop to a single figure price, caught my attention. This because I've been attacked by a sudden case of TQ:AE fever recently. Gotta love that Dream mastery! So I guess I'll wait for the Grim Dawn package to have a more attractive price altogether.
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    Yeah, the cursor goes wild with that specific NPC. I had a lot of trouble getting to him the first time doing that quest after a long time, and even after that I was like "where is he?!" to myself when I had to do it again! It's a though one to find indeed.
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    Check if Event Viewer has any error log with anything related to Sacred 2 (I assume Win10 still has EV).
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    Hello everyone, I've been lurking this forum a day or two now. After having collected several game 'tweaks' and texture mods from here and other places aswell. I would like to offer you all my mod compilation, that I will be using myself in advance; To all modders, thank you for putting effort into creating mods and sharing it with people on ze interwebs I apologis if I do not give proper thanks to the creators of the mods I have used in this compilation, there were really too many to keep track of, and at the time of downloading stuff I didnt think of remembering names.. So, anyhow if you see your creation(s) here. Thank you~ Also, I do not own any of the files I am refering to in the following post, sacred 2 and all of its associated content belongs to Ascaron and it's respected partners. I am not making any money doing this, I offer these modifications to other people free-of-charge. ( never forget to backup the files you edit, what I always do is simply create an entire copy of the game before modding. ) 1. On to the mod- ( These code edits are not included in the .rar file which you can download at 2. You will have to do it yourself. ) Firstly tweaks you can do yourself; ( this will require editing of various .txt files, don't worry, even those with no modding experience will be able to get it done. ) ** Lessen monster autoleveling: ( Affects how high or low, the level difference will be of monsters in comparison to your characters level ) open Balance.txt and search for AllEnemy_lvl = {1,10,20,200,250}, set the min/max level bands to liking. ** Make bosses respawnable: ( As the title states, makes bosses and some mini-bosses respawnable ) (some of these were taken from non-pc versions of the game, therefor might not exist for pc.) open creatures.txt and find the corresponding id codes for these creatures; 1 Banshee 2 Bloodclaw 3 Carnach 4 Daloriel the Depraved 5 Facettelion 6 Forest Guardian 7 Garganthropod 8 Gar'Colossus 9 Harpy Queen 10 Holos 11 Kral of the Winged Daemons 12 Lord of Searing Flames 13 Octagolamus 14 Raging Boar 15 Sinister Prince 16 Swirling Mist of Miasma 17 The White Griffon 18 Thranak 19 Gahanka 20 Grunwald Cave Dragon 21 Gyrvim Island Dragon 22 Bengaresh Desert Dragon 23 Hissil'Ta Swamp Dragon 24 Evocator 25 Dark Prince 26 Earth Lord 27 Ice Lord 28 Poison Lord 29 Raging Boar 30 Raging Boar 31 Terus General 32 Sinister Prince open quest.txt 1 Use the creature id's to find the correct quests relating to the specific bosses 2 Set the following part as described; "persistent = 1," ** No more difficulty gamemode restrictions: ( Sets the required character to be able to play at higher difficulties to level 1, allowing to play even Niobium at level 1, this does not change the required level for quests at that setting however. List of difficulty levels; * Bronze * Silver * Gold * Platinum * Niobium ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) Open your scripts\server\balance.txt set LevelMinForDiff = {1,1,60,100,140} to LevelMinForDiff = {1,1,1,1,1} ALSO set LevelCapDiff = {60,100,140,180,200} to LevelMinForDiff = {1,1,1,1,1} ** Smaller inventory items: ( Basically makes all inventory items extremly small, allowing you to have more inventory space = less running back and forth to merchants. ) Openg scripts\shared\iteminfo.txt Then change all the '' invbreite '' and '' invhoehe '' values to 1. ** More Monsters xtimes spawn: ( Increases the size of groups of monsters, meaning theres more to kill ) In scripts/server ( use find and replace option ) open spawn.txt set total_density = 50 open creatures.txt set groupmaxcount = 8 ** Invisible escorts and friendly npc's: ( Makes all friendly npc's (or neutral), guards and escort npcs and such immortal, basically ALL npc's cannot damage each other. ) open scripts\server\balance.txt set NpcFightDamageDownScaling = 500 to NpcFightDamageDownScaling = 0 ** Better item drops: ( As title states, increase drop rates for better loots.) open script\server\balance.txt replace; ZRareExpectation15 = 3, ZRareExpectation14 = 12, ZRareExpectation13 = 24, ZRareExpectation12 = 46, ZRareExpectation11 = 58, ZRareExpectation10 = 72, ZRareExpectation09 = 88, ZRareExpectation08 = 106, ZRareExpectation07 = 124, ZRareExpectation06 = 144, ZRareExpectation05 = 166, ZRareExpectation04 = 456, ZRareExpectation03 = 638, ZRareExpectation02 = 819, ZRareExpectation01 = 1000, ZRareExpectation00 = 250, AND NORMAL_STANDARD = 500, NORMAL_RUNE = 63, CHAMP_STANDARD = 1500, CHAMP_RUNE = 125, BOSS_STANDARD = 4500, BOSS_RUNE = 1000, EXTRAGOLD = 0, EXTRAPOTION = 0, EXTRARUNE = 0, Trader_Item = 5000, Trader_Many = 15000, Trader_SpecialOffer = 5000, Well_Potion = 1000, QUEST_UNIQUE = 500, ** Different mouse pointer: (I have yet to do this myself, there was a topic about it around here somewhere, but the links to the files are dead.) edit the pak\graphics10.zip\hq\gui\hwcursor files with gimp to your liking ** Faster walk/run speed: ( As title states, you walk+run waaaaay faster, also mounts are faster aswell.) open CommonSpeedcreatureinfo.txt replace these; Seraphim: walk- 80, run- 200 Dryad: walk- 80, run- 200 Shadow warrior: walk- 80, run- 200 Inquisitor: walk- 80, run- 200 High elf: walk- 80, run- 200 Temple guardian: walk- 80, run- 200 Dragon Mage: walk- 80, run- 200 AND Seraphim mount: walk- 170, run- 400 Dryad mount: walk- 170, run- 400 Shadow warrior mount: walk- 170, run- 400 Inquisitor mount: walk- 170, run- 400 High elf mount: walk- 170, run- 400 Temple guardian mount: walk- 170, run- 400 Dragon Mage: walk- 170, run- 400 ** More speciality potions at merchants: ( Merchants sell more potions like; Potion of the Mentor Concentration Potion Recovery Elixir Potion of Undead Death ))))))))))))))))))))))) open \scripts\server\drop.txt Search for "mgr.createDroplist(1491,{ -- Stock_trader_potions" copy pasta over section of code; ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ id = 1491, rank = 0, dmgpreference = 0, dmgprobability = 0, entry0 = { weightedprob=200, blueprint=59, }, entry1 = { weightedprob=20, blueprint=58, }, entry2 = { weightedprob=20, blueprint=57, }, entry3 = { weightedprob=200, blueprint=654, }, entry4 = { weightedprob=20, blueprint=655, }, entry5 = { weightedprob=10, blueprint=656, }, entry6 = { weightedprob=200, blueprint=657, }, entry7 = { weightedprob=20, blueprint=659, }, entry8 = { weightedprob=10, blueprint=653, }, entry9 = { weightedprob=200, blueprint=652, }, entry10 = { weightedprob=20, blueprint=651, }, entry11 = { weightedprob=10, blueprint=650, }, entry12 = { weightedprob=200, blueprint=649, }, entry13 = { weightedprob=20, blueprint=648, }, entry14 = { weightedprob=10, blueprint=647, }, }) ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Then search for "mgr.createDroppattern(108,{ -- Trader" copy pasta over section of code; ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ id = 108, dangerclass = 1, inittype = 23, entry0 = { expecttype=13, droplist=1463, minquality=1, }, entry1 = { expecttype=13, droplist=1522, minquality=1, }, entry2 = { expecttype=13, droplist=1385, minquality=1, }, entry3 = { expecttype=13, droplist=1480, minquality=1, }, entry4 = { expecttype=13, droplist=1480, minquality=1, }, entry5 = { expecttype=14, droplist=1496, minquality=12, }, entry6 = { expecttype=13, droplist=1491, minquality=1, }, entry7 = { expecttype=13, droplist=1418, minquality=4, }, entry8 = { expecttype=13, droplist=1473, minquality=1, }, entry9 = { expecttype=12, droplist=1385, minquality=5, }, entry10 = { expecttype=12, droplist=1418, minquality=7, }, entry11 = { expecttype=13, droplist=1491, minquality=1, }, }) ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ** 5 Minutes regen for Divine Gifts: ( Some divine gifts take about 15 to 30 minutes to restore per use, this changes that to 5 minutes.) open scripts\shared\spells.txt search for '' EA_GOD_ANY '' Change value of '' Cooldown '' on all 7 seven entries of cooldown to; 300.000000 ** 2x experience from kills: (Not sure if this does what it is supposed to do, but theres no harm in it at least, MOAR XP!.) open Balance.txt find MPExperience Multiple the current value by two. ** Change swaprune prices: ( Lowered the prices for swapping runes A LOT, from over 12000 gold to simply 1000 gold, somewhat a cheat.) Open balance.txt edit the value's of the follwing lines; SwapRune_One SwapRune_Two SwapRune_Three SwapRune_Four to = 1000 ** Increase RuneDropFrequency: ( Runes drop more often.) Open balance.txt find RangePickupLoot Multiply value by 3. ** Increase Font Size: ( Increases the ingame text size, useful for people with higher resolutions.) 1. Navigate to your Sacred 2 /pak folder 2. Open the skin-xml.zip file with winrar 3. Within the skin-xml.zip navigate to the Fonts folder 4. Extract the Fonts.xml file 5. change the font size of all text equally 6. Save and re-add files to archives with save&update option ** Increase loot pickup radius: ( Pickup radius is now increased, this means you won't have to chase after loot so much during pickup.) open optionsCustom.txt find options.autoCollectRadius = 160 Change value to 400 ** No boss debuff ability: ( I always thought it was lame, bosses are no longer able to 'automagically' fully debuf your character, somewhat a cheat.) open scripts\shared\spells.txt search for the entry "et_closedown_buff" change every instance so it would look something like this; entry3 = {"et_closedown_buff", 0, 0, 0, 0 }, ** ( The above coding has not been aplied to these files, all that the following contains is textures and some scripts that came with new models. ) 2. Aaaand now onto the texture modifications; ( again I send my Thanks to the creators of these mods, I unfortunately forgot to remember their names..) Compressed File size is 49,8mb. Now availible at multiple locations. >> Location 1 >> Location 2 >> Location 3 ( you only need to download one of these three. ) Inside the .rar I included this post in a text file. ( For those that don't know how to open a .rar file, use this program Winrar ) Some of the changes; Makes menu ui, transparent Replaces healthbar with rainbow-like indicator levels (high health,low health) Changes the skins of a lot of armors and weapons (too many to name) Replaces seraphim, inquisitor, dryad, shadow warrior. With other skins (new look) Adds lightsaber weapons, replaces 6 ingame swords ( those swords were ugly anyways, so nothing was lost) Changes the look of mounts and their sadles Replaces the original worldmap to be more seamless and also places more map markers to locations that had no mapmarkers before. Increased graphical effects on weapons and spells ( a texture quality increase ) Replaces the graphics of some of the buffs used ingame to something less obstructive ( things like barkskin, will now no longer fully cover armor.) Removes underwear from female characters, meaning a little nudity ( Only nude when character is not wearing any armor. ) Improves thickness of blood and gore, monsters will bleed more. Changes imp into an Orc. +Various minor improvements Keep in mind now that I originally made this compilation for myself, but I figured that I might aswell share it. Enjoy, Goodbye NOTES TAKEN FROM THIS POST WHICH IN THIS POST HERE (edit by gogoblender): http://darkmatters.org/forums/index.php?/topic/15537-sacred-2-mod-compilation-offered-to-community/page__view__findpost__p__6939414 As posted by bleach fan, links in this original post aren't working. He has updated info. Please refer to his post via my posted link to see his work.
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    I think I know what's causing this. It's not the EE, but CM Patch 1.60. One of the many points of contention during patch development was removing double attack animations from the player's and NPC's pool of animations, because they couldn't actually trigger more than one hit if used as a normal weapon attack. Ironically the modifier "Chance for Double Hit" didn't actually make use of these animations, instead just damaging the enemy twice with whatever random attack animation happened to be used at that moment. Still, I wanted to leave the animations in, but Dmitiry did not. As a compromise, we removed them from the pool of default attack animations, and instead made a new combat art that we called "doublehit_attack_ca" that is designed to only use the double hit attack animations. This only applies to enemies; players just lost those animations completely. Anyway, the idea was that this new double hit CA would be given no special properties, just use regular 100% weapon damage, so it would blend in seamlessly with the NPC's other melee attacks. The Gar'Colossus was one such enemy. Unfortunately it looks like the CA is actually multiplying the damage by 100%. entry0 = {"et_mult_weapondamage", 1000, 0, 0, 9 }, That's the line Dmitriy wrote (yes I'm throwing him under the bus; though I should have caught this too), where instead it should probably be something like: entry0 = {"et_mult_weapondamage", 1, 0, 0, 9 }, TL;DR: Gar'Colossus and a handful of other enemies were inadvertently given a powerful double hit CA in CM 1.60. It will be up to us to correct this via mods.
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    There are many reasons why I keep playing and here are a few: I enjoy naming my characters and trying different builds and armor, hairstyles, and hair color, weapons, new downloads, shopping for better rare jewelry and weapons, armor, and items, exploring the geography and making note of all the names of places, reading gravestones, standing under waterfalls, chatting with the townsfolk, creating and sharing screenshots and storytelling, making and sharing videos. Making changes to the camera settings so the view in the game is different is fun. There is still much more one may find if one tries. Explore the enormous map (printable) to make sure that all of the isolated and "secreted" areas have been discovered. Yes, for me the game never seems to get old and I have shared some of my new discoveries and adventures here at DarkMatters. The community of fun and friendly people here just like you, Lussbhel, make it more than merely a game, it's a community of fellow adventurers!
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    I've perhaps changed thousands. But the important thing is what type of capacitor is it. More than likely it is a chip type. They are very small and surface mounted. If you don't have the correct equipment I strongly suggest you bring it to a repair shop. It's very easy to over-heat either the component and/or the board. Here's a vid showing how to do it. It's for a chip resistor but the practice is the same. I cannot stress enough the importance of flux and to use as little solder as needed. Using too much solder can change the properties of the component
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    Version v2


    This Excel file has a download of the base Ice and Blood Spells.txt file, a list of all of the tokens (& explaination of most), a pivot table of the tokens to allow you to find what Combat Arts use a particular token & an explaination of the other parts of the Spells.txt file. This is a work in progress as there are still a few tokens that aren't understood, as well as the flags (the fourth number after each token).
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    Some people asked to have a list how the english combat arts are named in spells.txt. Here it is. I place them in the same order as they appear in spells.txt. Sometimes the german name for the combat art in spells.txt is not the same as used in the german version of the game: Skeleton Fortification - Knochenturm (= bone tower) , but in spells.txt Unterstuetzung = support. No guarantee that at least one combat art has the correct name God Powers Lumen - "gott_licht_blitz" Ker - "gott_chaos_sakkaradaemon" Testa - "gott_wissen_drohnen" Kybele - "gott_natur_lebenskraft" Kuan - "gott_krieg_kriegsrausch" Forens - "gott_philosophie_schutzschild" Seraphim Combat Arts Pelting Strikes - "se_co_schlaghagel" Assailing Somersault - "se_co_wirbelsprung" Soul Hammer - "se_co_seelenhammer" Dashing Alacrity - "se_co_befluegeln" Battle Stance - "se_co_kampfhaltung" Hallowed Restoration - "se_cm_heilen" Baneful Smite - "se_cm_blitz" Radiant Pillar - "se_cm_lichtsaeule" Instill Belief - "se_cm_bekehrung" Cleaning Brilliance - "se_cm_lichtaura" Archangel's Wrath - "se_te_schwertfeuer" Divine Protection - "se_te_notschild" Flaring Nova - "se_te_schockwelle" Warding Energy - "se_te_energieschild" beeEffGee - "se_te_beeeffgee" Inquisitor Combat Arts Callous Execution - "in_in_hinrichtung" Ruthless Mutilation - "in_in_verstuemmelung" Frenetic Fervor - "in_in_eifer" Purifying Chastisement - "in_in_kasteiung" Levin Array - "in_po_faecherblitz" Raving Thrust - "in_po_machtstoss" Clustering Maelstrom - "in_po_machtsog" Zealous Doppelganger - "in_po_doppelgaenger" Zealous Doppelganger Buff - "in_po_doppelgaenger_buff" Reverse Polarity - "in_po_vergeltung" Paralyzing Dread - "in_uw_entsetzen" Dislodged Spirit - "in_uw_seelenraub" Inexorable Subjugation - "in_uw_versklavung" Eruptive Desecration - "in_uw_schaendung" Soul Reaver - "in_uw_seelenfaenger" High Elf Combat Arts Ancestral Fireball - "he_in_feuerball" Blazing Tempest - "he_in_feuersturm" Incendiary Shower - "he_in_meteor" Fire Demon - "he_in_feuerdaemon" Incandescent Skin - "he_in_feuerhaut" Glacial Thorns - "he_st_eissplitter" Frost Flare - "he_st_frostschlag" Raging Nimbus - "he_st_schneesturm" Cascading Shroud - "he_st_nebelform" Crystal Skin - "he_st_kristallhaut" Cobalt Strike - "he_ar_energieblitz" Shadow Step - "he_ar_teleport" Grand Invigoration - "he_ar_regenerationskraft" Expulse Magic - "he_ar_bannkreis" Magic Coup - "he_ar_magischerschlag" Shadow Warrior Combat Arts Ruinous Onslaught - "sk_hc_rammstoss" Demonic Blow - "sk_hc_harterschlag" ScythingSweep - "sk_hc_befreiungsschlag" Rousing Command - "sk_hc_kampfruf" Grim Resilience - "sk_hc_willensstaerke" Killing Spree - "sk_tc_kampfrausch" Augmenting Guidon - "sk_tc_standarte" ReflectiveEmenation - "sk_tc_umlenkung" Frenzied Rampage - "sk_tc_attacke" Belligerent Vault - "sk_tc_sprung" Spectral Hand - "sk_ap_geisterhand" ShadowVeil Buff - "sk_ap_geistform_buff" ShadowVeil - "sk_ap_geistform" Skeletal Fortification - "sk_ap_unterstuetzung" Rallied Souls - "sk_ap_kampfbefehl" Nether Allegiance - "sk_ap_kohorte" Dryad Combat Arts Ravaged Impact - "dr_hu_konzentrierterangriff" Darting Assault - "dr_hu_angriffsserie" Forest Flight - "dr_hu_sprint" Dust Devil - "dr_hu_wirbeln" Sinister Predator - "dr_hu_projektilfokus" Twisted Torment - "dr_vo_quaelen" Viperish Disease - "dr_vo_krankheit" Malicious Totem - "dr_vo_totem" Black Curse - "dr_vo_verderbensfluch" Moribund Animus - "dr_vo_zombie" Tangled Vine - "dr_nm_wucherwurzel" Goldenglade Touch - "dr_nm_handauflegen" Acute Mind - "dr_nm_wacherverstand" Edaphic Lances - "dr_nm_bodenspiesse" Ancient Bark - "dr_nm_rindenhaut" Temple Guardian Combat Arts Battle Extension - "tw_cc_kampfarm" Deathly Spears - "tw_cc_todesspiesse" Combat Alert Buff - "tw_cc_kampfaura_buff" Combat Alert - "tw_cc_kampfaura" T-Energy Shroud - "tw_cc_tkampfschild" Dedicated Blow - "tw_cc_schoepfungsschlag" Amplifying Discharge - "tw_te_projektil" Furious Emblazer - "tw_te_flammenwerfer" Archimedes Beam - "tw_te_archimedisstrahl" Jolting Touch - "tw_te_tschock" Propelled Levitation - "tw_te_levitieren" Primal Mutation - "tw_en_mutieren" Charged Grid - "tw_en_energienetz" Untouchable Force - "tw_en_schockpulse" Fiery Ember - "tw_en_gluthitze" Icy Evanescence - "tw_en_eiseskaelte" Horse Combat Arts Charge - "mount_sturmangriff" Rear Up - "mount_aufbaeumen" Leap - "mount_sprung" Dragon Mage Combat Arts Eternal Fire - "dm_dm_ewigesfeuer" Dragon Strike - "dm_dm_drachenschlag" Familiar - "dm_dm_vertrauter" Dragon Form - "dm_dm_drachenform" DF-Fire Odem - "dm_form_drgn_feuerwand" DF-Jump - "dm_form_drgn_teleport" DF-Fireball"dm_form_drgn_feuerball" Dragon Berserk - "dm_dm_berserkerform" DB-Frenzy - "dm_form_brsrk_blutrausch" DB-Lacerate - "dm_form_brsrk_zerfetzen" Gust of Wind - "dm_co_windstoss" Tornado - "dm_co_wirbelwind" Magic Barrier - "dm_co_magischerwall" Destroyer - "dm_co_zerstoerer" Protector - "dm_co_beschuetzer" Mind Strike - "dm_me_gedankenschlag" Energy Blaze - "dm_me_energiebrand" Maelstrom - "dm_me_mahlstrom" Combat Trance - "dm_me_kampftrance" Runes of Protection - "dm_me_schutzrunen"