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  1. Well I am playing Grim Dawn Expansion but I'm not really . I decided to start completely fresh...so no shared stash, no recipes, no components, no nothing. Thus I haven't actually got to the expansion areas yet. I messed around with the new classes for a bit, but in the end decided to go with an older build I had wanted to try out but never did. Will level this guy up and hopefully will reach the new areas soon. It's nice playing with no lag/hiccups/crashes and with everything on highest settings. It's almost like the original game is all new too. But it will take a few weeks til I get to new content. I definitely recommend GD to anyone that enjoyed playing Sacred, Diablo, Path of Exile or Titan Quest. Steam had the base game on sale last week for under 10 bucks though I'm not sure if it's still on sale. Oh, the game has now sold over a million copies So kuddos to Crate for achieving that milestone.
  2. Any new games for [D.a.r.k.]?

    +1 Yup been long enough Though I haven't seen anything recently that has piqued my interest so I'm curious as to what you've found
  3. Depends on which background you're using. 2 I believe are directly from Ascaron, so it has their name on them
  4. Oh I definitely get burnt out on occasions....like this week I'm working every day though just the morning on Sunday. But it's nice getting a long weekend every once in a while. Plus my boss is finally going to hire me a helper (about time ) Starting to think I should change title thread...maybe something like, "look at what I got to play GD if I ever get the time"
  5. This thing is HUUUUUGE lol (not my actual pc but got the same exact thing...didn't feel like pulling it out to take a pic)
  6. Got a nice surprise today as my pc came in..was expecting it tomorrow. One thing I'm not enjoying is remembering/finding passwords from 10 years ago, but I'm slowly making headway. It's soooo nice to actually see what I type in real time, it would take 5-6 seconds to appear sometimes. And pc is super super quiet. I hear absolutely nothing..had to look over a couple times to verify it was really on. But back to the actual thread topic...They just announced Ashes of Malmouth will be released on Oct 11th http://www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=56366
  7. Here's all you need to know about how hard/long I work and have no life. Just for reference most companies that lease new vehicles will charge extra for any mileage over 12,000 miles. If you drive a lot that number isn't that hard to hit. My work van has over 250,000 miles on it and it's a 2008. Getting a new one soon (before year is out). So on my van its about 31,000 miles a year. My personal truck was a 2004 and I just went over 55,000 miles on it. So a little over 4,000 miles a year. Yup that's it...now if you figure in it's a 10 mile round trip each day for work and approximately 260 work days per year. That's 2600 miles just for commute...so I have about 1400 miles a year for non-work stuff. Weekly dump run is about 10 miles too so at least 40 of them for another 400 gone. So about 1000 miles a year on misc. stuff. That is all work and no play lol. Or another way to look at it. That's about 3 miles a day for errands I easily average 50+ hours a week at work and routinely go over 60-70. Worst I ever did was 45 days straight and working 12+ hours each day. We had a huuuuge project and their project manager moved up finish date by 4 months. We had nothing in the contract to stop him from doing it, so we had to bite the bullet and work like crazy. Lesson was learned and that can never happen again. Gave my daughter my truck as I was barely using it. Been using work van for commute as I often leave very early in the morning to get to job site. Sometimes I visit shop only 2-3 times a week. Mostly to re-stock and drop off paperwork. But I like being busy and guess could be called a 'work-aholic'. Probably being working til the day I die. I cannot see me retired and weaving baskets or painting landscapes.
  8. The Related Song Game

    Cranberries -> Dreams The Cranberries > Zombie (one of my all time favorite songs)
  9. The Related Word Game - 2017!

    App > widget
  10. Not sure if it was actually a pigeon...Just remember that scene where Sansa is talking to Jon at Winterfell and said a white bird (raven?) had arrived from the citadel. The bird being white signified 'Winter has begun'
  11. Gogo, did you just quote Ned Stark? Bet in a month or 2 you'll be quoting Jon and Sansa......Winter is here lol...beware the white carrier pigeon
  12. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat !! I went and looked and luckily my pc isn't included in the sale....would have been a little upset I missed another sale by mere weeks. It looks like the AMD Area 51 is 10% off but not the one with Intel processor. I prefer Intel anyways so no biggie for me I'm awesome at missing sales...few years ago I bought 2 Samsung S6's for me and the kiddo and literally a few days later they had a special for buy one/get one free. I was soooo mad, went back and I guess I might have scared them a bit as they hurriedly refunded my original purchase..there are advantages to being a 6'6" 260 lb ugly guy with a very deep voice lol
  13. Been waiting forever it seems..ordered back in August and between waiting for it to be built and a few hurricanes disrupting shipping I will finally be getting it sometime this week
  14. Haha...I actually went back and looked thru the Grim Dawn threads seeing if I posted builds because I couldn't remember doing it. Saw I posted a couple via Grim Calc so I assumed that was what you were referring to Thought about building one but after thinking on it a bit I decided to be lazy and get a pre-built one. Went an Alieware Area 51 Intel i9 7980XE processor 32 GB Quad Channel 2666Mhz RAM Dual GTX 1080 in SLI 1TB SSD (Boot) and 2 TB SATA Drives Holding off on getting 4K monitors til around Xmas time. Haven't read up on them at all and the 2 27" screens I have now seem to have plenty of resolution. Did get a Logitech gaming keyboard, mostly just for the macro butons but staying with my generic logitech wireless mouse. I seem to have nothing but problems with more complicated/expensive mice. Oh and the pc will be liquid cooled - probably the biggest reason I'm not building it myself. It is a very pricey sytem and hesitate to post cost as I'm not one to boast or show off. But I have been working at same job for 20+ years and got profit-sharing in last few years along with a junior partnership so I earned this little baby
  15. Oh heck ya...with 2 new characters (Inquisitor and Necromancer) I will be in build-theory heaven. Will probably fiddle around with the new ones for a bit before posting anything. Though I can finally take some vids of gameplay as I have a new pc on the way. I have no idea what I'll play yet but I can almost guarantee it'll be melee based with a nice Area of Effect.