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New Uniques and Legendaries - Brainstorming


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Oh yeah, Lightsabers! There is only one unique (Bringer of Light) and one legendary (Power of NIF). I also forgot energy weapons and pistols, there could be more of these for sure. I wonder if I could make a double lightsaber like Darth Maul had? (total wishful thinking, I'm not a 3D modeler....yet).


@Chattius: That's very intriguing about shields....I just realized most games like this have a "shield bash" or "shield charge" attack, but Sacred games do not! I bet I could add damage properties onto a shield, but making a character able to attack with it, would probably take some research on my part...I'll see what I can figure out.

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:pirate: The yell of the year for Ancaria :-)



.. a double lightsaber..

That should be possible: as a pole arm.


ehm.. I don't want to torpedo anyone's fantasy about new loot, but I think that new stuff is just easier to create if it's an object, not something that might be done with objects. In addition, it would be good to consider the bonusses of an object. Of course it's no problem to have, say, two weapons with the same capabilities, but there wouldn't be much need to create it (unless of course it looks absolutely stunning + everyone agrees on that ;-)

Anyway, I'd like to suggest that if you know of a combination of bonusses that would be a niche, then it might be a lot easier to get a weapon or anything else created for it.

Also, any drawing or look-alike picture would help.

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Yes, suggestions for item bonuses are welcome too.


So far, I know Chattius feels that +Combat Art Range and Chance to Halve Regeneration Time are underused and have the possibility to be very powerful.

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I would limit the +ca-range items to classes which are weak in it. Overdoing ca-range modifiers may rob fun. The seraphim (CM-patch) for example is already near double ca-range late game.

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I gotta get to work, but I had a few more ideas. 1) Judge armor from the Dredd movie, 2) for shadow warrior=Necromonger armor from the Chronicles of Riddick, and 3) Scorpius's leather suit for the Inquisitor. Here's a decent picture:


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Is it easier to entirely create a new set of armor, or re-texture an existing one?

Re-texturing is easier.

Then comes altering existing meshes (like applying new UV texture coordinates, or adding small meshdetails).

Taking even more effort is creating a new mesh from scratch (or from a drawing).

Most effort would take to create an entirely new character w. animations & the like.


Here's an extremely original one:



I found it searching for "armor set" with Google Images (using double quotes).

To me it seems that a lot of this stuff is being done with GW2.

Nevertheless when considering the general armor set, they're all quite the same to me:

a helmet, schoulder guards (almost bound to have spikes), chest plate, leg plates, extremely dull boots..

I would almost suggest Star Wars armor, but that doesn't really fit to the game.


.. the black leather bodysuit/trench coat combo..

I like that too, but I don't think that scorpius falls under this category.

I think these are more like it:


It's very well possible to have this kind of clothing in Sacred 2, even with 'waving-in-da-wind' animations, but that would take a professional animator to create. Much easier would be skin-tight or close-to-da-skin clothing and rigid armor.

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You said you would almost suggest Star Wars armor, but it wouldn't fit in the game. How so? We already have light sabers and the Vader mask. There are so many references and Easter eggs from so many books, movies, and games that I think there's a whole cornucopia of designs we could play with. At the same time, I kind of know what you mean. I modded so many different armors and weapons into Skyrim (from Star Wars, Predator, Tera, Spawn, to Terminator, Fallout, Witcher, and a million other games) that it didn't really feel like Skyrim anymore. Maybe that's a danger we'd face; using too many ideas outside of Sacred might destroy the atmosphere of Ancaria.

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Yeah, that's how I feel about it, but mine's only one opinion. I think in the original game, the Endijian's Artifacts set is already a depart from Ancaria's atmosphere: if magic & tech. get mixed, then a backing story better be good.. Although this of course makes it possible for everyone to use their favorite weapon type / armor type. Except for burning cattle whips of course. I guess we need to import them from Heroes of Might & Magic ;-)

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Personally I probably won't be making any modern/futuristic items, unless they're already part of the game (Lightstaber, Energy Weapon, Temple Guardian). I don't really like sci-fi and the tech stuff is something I "tolerate" in Sacred 2 as part of it's general silliness and love of Star Wars.

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I like that idea. It looks a little steampunk. I like older looking things, I mean it's not like a Tron cap. I'm about to make a leap and try learn how handle the 3D models and meshes of the game. I may be able to steal all kind of stuff from NPC's.


Ok, ok, so maybe I am trying to make a Darth Maul mask for the Dragon Mage. :blush:

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See, this right here is why I love this forum: I learn so much about other games while discussing Sacred 2. I already had PoE and Grim Dawn before I came here, but I've never heard of Heroes of Might and Magic. I learned about Silverfall the other day by reading an old post of Flix. I think I'm done talking about armor, for the fact that if I were Flix, getting so many requests for new types of armor and weapons would overwhelm me, I'd eventually lose patience, and scrap the idea. So, Flix, rather than give you ideas and wishes for things I'd love to see ingame, I'm kind of more interested in seeing ideas you're kicking around :)

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Nothing concrete right now, aside from what I put in the first post. It could be anything.


My thinking goes along these lines: there are a ton of models that cry out to be made into a unique or legendary or set piece. They look too great to only show up as some random loot. So I tweak the looks, think about some good lore to give it personality, and add in properties and bonuses that seem appropriate. That was my approach with the Dragon Mage sets. I've also got a two-ring mini-set that's almost finished.


The next big thing planned, is an Inquisitor set. I haven't announced it officially yet, but if I can get some of the armor models working right, it's gonna be sick. The theme is fallen gods, those who had some fatal flaw that caused them to be cast down, trod under Ker's pitiless foot.


Otherwise, in terms of this thread, I'm thinking individual items not neccessarily tied to a set (though I like the idea of more Dual Wield sets). So aside from designing cool looks, I'm thinking things like, "what kind of shield can I make that would stand out, that would have something of worth to gameplay that other shields don't offer?"

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Awesome, I was just playing with some of my one-handed builds today, thinking "Man, it's the same 7 or 8 shields over and over again." I'll tell you what, every time I think "You know, I've squeezed every drop of fun out of Sacred, maybe it's time to move to a different pasture", somebody does something like this to pull me right back in again :) I'm really excited!!

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> ".. What about hats?.."

Yeah, that's one of the things on my list: "\models\npc\highelves\equip\t_adventurer-hat.GR2"

I'm thinking about an 'Adventurer' outfit for the HE (don't tell anyone).


> ".. I learn so much about other games.."

You might want to take a look at Spellforce 2 as well.


> ".. requests for new types of armor and weapons would overwhelm.."

That sure happens. Sometimes I have too many ideas / things to do, and I can't decide where to start.

Plus I get side-tracked by new stuff and things that seem impossible..


> ".. somebody does something like this.."

Flix is focussed & determined, that's the way to get things done :-)

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