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New Armored Inquisitor Outfit

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Heavy Battle Armored Inquisitor! I like the angle on this, as he's so squishy. You're so talented with this work Dmitriy, it's like opening up a candy store everytime I take a look at this forum and see your new vision of Sacred 2 with Armor.


Nice work!





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Finally you've given us a sneak peek at what the new Inquisitor's set is going to look like. Your textures are really good and suit the models well.


Though I wonder where the golden part that clips from above the black knee pads is coming from. This little triangle looks a bit strange with all other metal recolored into dulled silver (or nickel) and black. It does not distract from the main impression, so it won't be bad if you won't find the texture responsible for it. And the glow on the belt buckle should probably be switched from pale blue to pale purple to match the shoulder pads. The golden chord + glowing blue buckle part of the belt is coming from the Magic standart armor (white version). Not sure if you'd want to keep it golden (maybe it's not a bad idea, considering the headpiece), but the glow would look better purple.


I'm very curious about the stats, but the look alone is enough to call the set interesting. The textures you gave it look serious and impressive. Finally the Inquisitor got himself something that looks like armor and does not hurt the eyes with its brightness. That's one powerful guy you don't want to cross.


P.S. The staff is a perfect match. Previously you said that there would be a "big badass staff" and this one totally fits the description.

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Is it just me or does this set somewhat "penetrate" the standard robe? Beside your great work of recoulering/retexturing it, for me it looks a bit strange and might be an answer to Silver_fox "question".

Is it possible to remove, for this set, the fallback equipment of the Inquisitor and see how this set would look then?

As I said, as usual great work but with some strange effects, at least for me.

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There is some clipping going on. The color changes were made, primarily to minimize it. I didn't post the various stages that I went through, but this is a big improvement from what came before. Dmitriy himself told me this was more of an experiement. I guess we can always abandon the gauntlets if people hate them that much (looking at the first post in this thread, they were not yet created, and people seemed to love the set). But I think it's acceptable.


One thing about this set is that the new pieces use elements from strange sources, like the boots using bits from dryad boots and seraphim shoulders. The little gold bit poking out from the knees is part of the dryad's armor. I just need to tint it black like the rest of the boot textures.


Fallback equipment is not going to have an effect on the look of this set just so you know.


The belt has already been changed to match, since I posted these pictures. It was just that after taking the 17th set of screenshots, I was about ready to post them, and I'm constantly finding new things to tweak.

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I don't mind the gauntlets, even if they clip through the sleeves. They seem to match the rest of the set that looks like the armor is applied to the robe, merged with it, rather than worn atop of it. I don't think it's a bad thing. It's a bit like Asha set for HE - once you've got all metal parts colour-matched, they blend in and don't look foreign or clipping (they might clip actually, but nobody notices it). You did great job on the textures and I like this set so much more than the original 3 aspect sets.

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".. robes are hard to match with armour.."
The robes (partly) have morphing animations.

".. very large and powerful magic staff To Mega Therion.."
Nice name :-)


".. great job on the textures.."

Yes, it can't be said enough :viking:

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OK as promised here are the items and stats of the Judicator set. I'm trying something out with these new Inquisitor sets, in using modifiers that are unlocked by Armor Lore (something I have not done with any previous set). The pieces will those modifiers will be less rewarding at lower levels and for Inquisitors without the skill, but it looks like the modifiers can scale in power beyond the standard versions with heavy investment in Armor Lore.


The following items have Armor Lore unlockable modifiers:

Opponent's Chance to Weaken on the helmet Blessed Reliquary.

Attack Speed on the Heathen Inferno sleeves.


ZEtiAsym.jpg iJULj0Mm.jpg


YWNva1Wm.jpg uI4x0gcm.jpg


J2sBMFym.jpg BvyR8uWm.jpg


RDPKE5Mm.jpg YNuhbxmm.jpg



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