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Well in light of the fact that a few of us accidentally bumped into each other and were working on the same thing Katran made a very good point in that it would help if we all would state what kind of project we are working on.


So if everyone could mention briefly in this topic what your present project is, that would be really great! In the future we can refer to this topic before taking on a project in order to make sure someone is not already doing it. :bow:

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Hi :drunkards:


The above :)


And I am about to put the demon sets up. Actually I would alread did that last night but ... ehehe itwas pretty late and I fell asleep then closed he PC without saving most of the changes I have done. NVM I will continue it shortly :)


I planned to do the item modifiers too as I already gathered them for the sets I am working on.

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I've just ported my timer definition from the ultimate guide to the Wiki.

It's kind messy. I'll work on it to extract a template from it for the future guides about general mechanics of Sacred, not for builds.



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lol, llama :drunkards:


And great you're on board!


Okay, I've got some time to kill before running off to help someone move,...

I'm going to begin moving in Myle's work into Schot's work in our main index page,




into the colored boxes. I'll also see if I can figure out how to make those boxes multiply and stick in another color.





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p.s.aiee...but gotta leave soon, I didn't have time to fill in all the descriptions...If anyone has time they can be copied in directly from the Sacred manual (Attributes, skills...etc) or...just make up something


p.s.s. This is too addictive...just did history and mythology.







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They look really good schot. I was wondering on when I was going to have to start researching and digging up some stuff for the help articles but it's great seeing that you tackled this first.

Good job!




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Got some time today...woo hoo day off!

I'll either begin uploading some of the the unique images from the sif download files starting with seraphims or write us up some snazzy new seraphim ca descriptions.






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Have entered all the completed set names into the wiki and have put the CA images down deeper into the CA pages. I've also combined Claire and Csaszar's work and created a new blank template with empty fields and stuck em into every complete set listing.

Anyone got any extra pair of eyeballs laying around?






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Just giving a little look at unique database, adding categories

For all item :

[[Category:Unique Items]]

and each item is added to a item group category, for instance :

Enlightened Iron is part of [[Category:One Handed Swords]]

This group category may be added to unique items also, mods choice.

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Allow me to join in, I'll be working on improving the formatting of pages, making other peoples lives easier, making new categories, designing templates, and generally adding to pages.



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Welcome aboard Tim!

And (foof) I've just finished entering all the Combat Arts into a new Category which can be found at the bottom of every Combat Art Description.




138 entries later...job done, and now the wiki spins out all Combat Arts according to alphabetical order.

Nice for peeps who find a combat art and then just want to look up the page for it fast.





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Hi :cow_white:

I'll start to work on the Attributes, considering that it was my first work to corret and extend NightWolfe's analysis of them (SIF). I'll rely on part of her work (I'll ask permission ofc) that I hadn't the time to check.

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I will try and get pics of uniques tonight. Is there a set size we are going for with the images (ie 200x300. etc) and is there a particular level we are trying to get a pic of them in (ie bronze, silver, niob)?


I've never edited a wiki page so I may be back with questions on how to upload to the site. Or is there someone to send the pics to instead?


Dawn (genenut)

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