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    Hey there again folks! As you know, I've never played Sacred 2 before, but this is going to change, because yesterday I finally bought it! The thing that scares me the most is that while I know Underworld literally to perfection, I have no idea what awaits me on Sacred II! When I play Sacred (1) I don't even need to read the quests because I already know what I have to do to complete them; I know the best builds for each class, I know how to use the right skills at the right time. While on Sacred two I'm just a rookie. But I'm not scared. I'm already downloading the community patch, because obviously the game doesn't start.
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    Hi there! Just read the thread, that's great that there are still some people willing to play Sacred especially in co-op. efrenmanuel, I sent you a request in Steam to connect you there but I understood that it may seem strange without any message, ol, so I'm writing you here If you need any help, pls feel comfortable to connect me. I'm not a programmer but if you just need to check if the lobby or server works correctly I think I can help
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    Bomb disarmed Wonder how many more are around.
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    I don't know what OS you are using. Try looking in your main drive C and Users/"Your User Name"/Saved Games/Ascaron Entertainment/Sacred2. I am playing the GOG version and the file of which you seek may have a somewhat different pathway.
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    Built up some tents and readying for the evacuation of a nearby village. Some relatives live there and a world war 2 bomb was found. The attempt to disarm will be on sunday morning and needs an evacuation of around 5000 people. So the kids from my cousines will sleep in the tents from saturday to sunday. https://www.feuerwehr-dillenburg.de/ The evacuation zone. Luckily most of our district is forest.
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    Gonna be playing Grim Dawn soon ( late I know) and Shadows Awakening ... both discounted on Steam now till July 10 https://store.steampowered.com/app/585450/Shadows_Awakening/ https://store.steampowered.com/app/219990/Grim_Dawn/ Was gonna get the last Epoch Beta but price and download size are too big.
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    I'm in the middle of another development cycle for this mod, with the intent to release a final version of Diablo 2 Fallen. With all features complete, with all bugs squished. Version 12 will have one of the largest change logs ever. There were three major "features" that have been on my road map since the first release, but have yet to be implemented. Here's my thoughts: Mercenaries. Hirelings are not going to happen. I'm taking them off the list of plans. The reason is because the solution that we implemented to make quest escort NPC's more durable would also affect the hirelings' damage. Your merc wouldn't be able to do any worthwhile damage. The attempt to create an NPC who could sell hirelings (like a mount trader for people) also failed. Hairstyles/beards for Barbarian & Druid. These are actually coded to be fully functional thanks to Dmitriy, I just have to figure how to import the models into the game. Usually Pesmontis had done that in the past, and I don't have 3dsMax installed on my PC anymore. This feature is still uncertain. Character class quests rewritten for the new characters. I'm happy to say this is nearly complete. I've gone through every character's personal quest, Light and Shadow paths, to rewrite the dialogue and journal entries to be appropriate for the Diablo player characters. Along the way I ended revising almost every quest in the game to integrate Diablo-universe lore into the game in every instance possible. With those features out of the way, it just remains to fine tune balance and fix bugs. I'm still finding bugs both with the vanilla game and specific to my mod. There is also a MAJOR balancing pass to all enemies in the game, more comprehensive than any mod has ever done. More on balancing and bug fixing next time.
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    Seraphim was my first character years ago, was so noob I used auto attack the entire time, didn't know you could skill spam eventually lol. This makes me want to have another go at them but I want to get this Dryad to Niob first. That looks amazing Flix! Want to make one for the Dryad too
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    The Wiki example is why I was curious because the examples have no value, they seem random and don't even have a proper formula. If it follows a basic formula it should be something like this: % = 1 - [ (1 - %) * (1 - %) * (1 - %) ] But that would mean "Equipping two items totaling 52.2% (30.2+22.0) yields: Chance for deathblow 41.7% - is really 46% And Equipping four items totaling 121.4% (47.1+30.2+22.1+22.0) yields: Chance for deathblow 65.4%" is really 78% But that's if it uses that formula, it either does and he's wrong or whoever wrote that knows the formula and didn't feel like posting it lol
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    It's not a chance, and yes it is terrible wording. A better wording would be : "Opponent Health for Deathblow", which I use in my mods. I believe Dmitriy uses "Opponent Health Threshold for Deathblow" in his mod, to really spell it out. Death Blow is double damage, simple as that. Death Blow doesn't operate by giving you a chance to trigger it, instead, when the opponent's health falls below a certain threshold, all your hits inflict Death Blow (double damage) on that opponent. So the % number you're looking at is the threshold of hitpoints the enemy has to fall to before Death Blow starts triggering.
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    Quests are good for set items. Leveling on quests becoming better on higher levels, where experience from monsters reduced.
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    Super happy you got it...! You're on board, with the kindest gamers in the world. Patch up and Get ye those monstahs! gogo
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    talk about oldschool...my cuz just ordered ice wind dale again on is computer...sigh...he was up till three am just rolling characters... gogo
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    Managed to mostly overcome that problem... Now I have to manually hardcore a lot of bytes... But anyway, I got it to show "connecting" in the game and to send dsts to the server (one way). Inchin closer and closer!
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    Lol I think the coolest thing here is your work in the beards .. a small detail but it’s on all those enemies and will have a subtle but deep impact. Very appreciated! 😀 gogo
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    One of the most efficient way to level up is to go to the Blood Forest in free play and do the 3-4 first quests (you stop when you reach the one with the Evil flying Eyes (I don't remember their exact names right now) which can be deadly). You have good xp from mobs and quests (and rewards too by quests and good loot too). But it's not very fun as the time is passing, I agree but it's one of the best and easiest spot to go (btw, I thank my friend oOFilthOo for this tip that I'm now sharing with you too). Personnaly I love when enemies have their purple rings, that means the fights are interesting. Good luck on your way
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    Thursday was a celebration day here and school made friday school free. So we spend a day at my Mom's place and the town I spend my first 6 years: Wetzlar. Our third has to write about Goethe for a summer holiday project and so we did a little research at Wetzlar. Goethe's 'The Sorrows of young Werther' was inspired by a suicide of one of his Friends. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karl_Wilhelm_Jerusalem https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Sorrows_of_Young_Werther This is the house there Jerusalem suicided. It is now a museum about 'The Sorrows of young Werther'. Did the shot a while ago while waiting for my girls to finish shopping.
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    Well then, it's a good thing that I brought a generous batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies!
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    Schlemmerblock => couponing
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    For now, I decided to take the 87 dwarf on a trip to the underworld to test the waters (on platinum *dramatic music!!!!*). I believe I've heard the underworld beastmobs are quite hearty/dangerous but so far I've made it to the fungus village. Without pursuing my cannon skills I'd have been up the creek right now, as I've been leaning heavily before platinum on Thain's axe / self buffs / hard hit super combos, but these mofakas aren't interested in melee damage too often, flamethrower / mortar so far has kept things from murdering my face so far. Regarding trade, its a tricky beast and I'm curious to see what it looks like around level 100 (I think platinum has a level cap of 180). The only tricky part about trade being that the difference between level and Tradeskill level shrinking affects items. Sometimes tho, I think going too high makes the game give you affixes IT thinks are good instead of ones that you think are good (looking at you, Additional potions). I have a feeling I'm going to get a reality check in the underworld and run back to the normal campaign for some levels and trading as the monsters start outleveling me majorly =p (currently fighting level 110-113+ level beastmobs but flamethrower still works for now, but dang they are starting to hit hard :^)
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    As said, screenshots of my current build: And to end the confusion: This character is currently in SILVER, not Platinum. Thorin
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    TYVM for this fantastic piece of work. I am trying to install it, but seem to be having an issue. My install is fresh and validated by steam. I have 'Run as admin' checked for s2gs.exe and sacred2.exe and I am not in any compatibility mode for the game. When I run the patch I get the 'The specified sub key does not exist' and if I continue, I lose all my text in game(though the game runs great otherwise) and the voice overs all switch to German. I am trying to install en_UK when I get the error. Any advice?
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    Well, since I'm a Supporting Member now, what else could I do but help out. At least I hope it helped. And it actually was a nice experience. Also, I'm ten days late, sorry about that.
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    The turtles have become my most favorite leveling run with the latest crop of builds for HE... they don't reflect magic! haaaahahahahahahh *insane raucous laughter* It's a bit tricky getting your toon so that it can take out turtles 33 (in my case) to 50 ( in furian's case) to 60 (lol in Dreeft's case...he's crazy wild! ) HIGHER THAN US ...you have to make sure your toon can at least make it through the fire flowers and sometimes leopards that guard the entrance to Turtle Island... but when you get there, it's almost sweet sailing as you rack up experience and mentor pots...it's a cool cycle. Only thing is we do redline often if you get into a mob of turtles and they all blue beam you at once. I think it's also a kind of "weaken" , and one turtle can chomp out about a quarter of my hp... three at once is a redline and a high heartbeat. Still though, with the three of us last night, the High Elf the Dryad the Dragon Mage red lining got to be a bit of fun, frightening and great for the adrenaline rush. Crazy FTW! gogo