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    Great first post. Very in-depth build. Glad you decided to make an account on the boards.
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    All right, I've just checked, I have the following version of CM patch-> Sacred 2 Community Patch-16-1-60 it's the only one I have ever installed I think, and that lightsaber is a pretty old one (it was in the rather early stages of my seraphim compared to total hours played, I must have been around 55-60 when I first got it, I do remember suffering from heaving speed penalties at first when using it from what little I can remember). I am not sure what else to tell you. But if you think about more info for me to check out for you, don't hesitate to ask, and I'll check
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    Of course. A properly backed-up the character can always be restored in case of an emergency.
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    Thanks a lot! And thanks for your warm welcoming too! Actually, I've been here on these Sacred forums (both Sacred 1 and 2) for a lot of time, but didn't actually had an account Now I wanted to share my build and started to post here because I found it so fun to play. I'll probably post more guides that I did and I'm using for different characters and playstyles as well. Once, again, thanks for your kind words!
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    thanks for the suggestions guys Question about the first and "risky" method: What about saving the character first by making a backup copy in case of weird behavior? Could that help? (the backup would be kept for "all eternity" if you get my meaning ;) )
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    @Flix @gogoblender Yeah,the harder part is where could I collect all those artistic portraits. The only place I know is deviant art.(I'm by no means an artist.) If you could lead me to places with more of those headshots, I might as well train one from scratch. The only other option I have is to scrap from google or use bing's image api, though those images are often not of very high quality. Current generative nets aren't perfect, so you could expect some really funny generations, actually I roll my own architecture, so much of the flaws of stylegan2 or stargan2 could be avoided. I guess some portion of those generated images are actually useable, so Flix could use them in his MODs without concerns for 'copy left' infringement. They are more 'original' based on your own interpretation. There are some techniques to give image depth and make it look 3D, yet again, it's not like they always work so well, but I guess some pictures might look really good. There some one shot motion transfering tricks being used constantly in deepfakes, so we could animate the portrait a bit and make it smile or cry, blinking eyes and the alike. I'm not really sure how much time I could actually spend on this project, so no release date promise. Data cleaning is notoriously time consuming, but hey I think this is a cool initiative!!
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    Holee molee, what a briliant first post here Gabriel! i cant believe how much beautiful formatting you've put into your creation... bravo on the work here! The energy shield has probably been one of the Seraphim's most prized tools. It's one of the only reasons I wanted to get to this in a build, but got stuck on my Dryad's and Daemons. If you're posting this as an aide to help others find great value from this game's leading class, you have certainly made your mark as a generous member of Sacred's fanbase Very happy you've found your way to these Sacred Forums.. and welcome to DarkMatters! gogo
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    That's why I never mention quest.txt tampering.
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    You can do this quite easily. Just make a typo in quest.txt (remove a comma from somewhere) and then load the character. Then exit, correct the typo, and restart the game. All quests for the given character & difficulty that you loaded earlier will be reset. I do this with test characters all the time. I would not recommend for a character you actually value and wish to play without any risk of bugs or weird behavior. Less insane is this: You may take a single-player character, start a LAN game. Because quest progress in Multiplayer cannot be saved with a Singleplayer character, everytime you venture into a LAN game all quests will be reset and ready to be repeated (unless they are flagged to not allow repeats).
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    Although that is not possible, you may, with the use of character editor, create a replica of your character with the same name, same level and experience, and with no assigned skill and attribute points. You could then assign the skills and attributes the same way and start the game over from the beginning with no completed quests. Weapons, runes, jewelry, and armor could be downloaded from the download section to complete your ensemble and voila! Your wish is granted!
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    Very much like our Hessian Pizza, but we replace: your soft pizza dough with farmers sour dough bacon with Aahle Worscht pepperoni with onions cheese with Handkäse sauce with Schmand mushrooms with apple slices the unknown green on your pizza with some chopped bear garlic and caraway Coke with Sauer Gespritztem (apple wine with sparkling mineral water) As I said very much the same We use two BIG plates to feed our family and not these tiny from a recipe site. They were using Harzer and not Handkäse.
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