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Time To Play, now is the time: Sacred Hardcore servers

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Was aweseome finally meetin up

and yer poison babe kicks nasteez..

Hope to see ya tommorrow, I'd love to be able to level up my bolt daemon faster





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Ahhh, I'm kinda afraid to take her to gold Hell's, I stupidly traded out some armor with great resist and def foronly .03 seconds of regen extra :rolleyes: and now she's gettin the BLEEP beaten otta her.


Anyway I'll come now anyway and leech some experience...






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Yee haw, Therion was good seein ya agin live man andheh, tks fer showin me the friends list :thumbsup:

I"m gonna level her up as good as I can.

Okay, heading into silver now to reap the Vot/ridge...


12.23 am eastern


Be there or be square





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hey all im gonna be playing today again, well not permanet but on probation time, just so she can see that I don't forget to do my chorse (house working things) well I have not forgotten them the last 2 weeks, soyeah seeya later around 11.30 Danishtime hehe GMT somethig

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I knew dieing at 98 was a mistake, but I did it anyway. Jeez, I really miss you guys. Hope to catch up to you in plat in another week or two -- just please wait there and don't go running off to niobium when you hear my footsteps.

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no worries Gial

I've been wondering too, how long it was gonna take after that blood bath of yer toons on that one, evil, dark, horrible, blood-filled, gore-spattered, double-blue-dragon-bittened...k enuff...day :)

but after spying you down in gold I can tell you've been slammin on levels.

Nice work

Platinum glories await

Hurry Gial

We're waiting fer ya




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I will be on after dinner ( in less then 2 hours time .. anyone want to come find me in either bronze or silve ( or maybe even gold ).. depends on which toon I'm playing :whistle:

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ahh, epox I'm so sorry man I just saw those message from you as I woke up now. lol, yesterday was a long day of :


Dom dom dom dom...


Day of the Root Canal!




Anyway I'm feelin tons better and will probably be up much later too, and will hopefully catch you on the servers







p.s. dred I'm gonna be on in plat in about two hours me thinks, maybe you've got a toon up there too?

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plat is kinda outta my reach right now .. my highest level toon ( from the ones that didn't die) is a level 61 dwarf.. and that's ( honestly speaking ) a bad build... working on my new BBQ dwarf which is a hoot to play ( flamethrower ranged dwarf ) btw I'll be in silver the rest of the night :oooo:

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K, I'm just here visiting.

I got blown out the servers with another Gore Wave.


wow...I'm addicted to those things lol



Jimmy, Schot, Jesper, Rott and Smash are here.


Come on join up guys


I'm heading back in


Ya Can't stop a good DArky







p.s. ahh, I just saw yer post dreddy...hurry up and level so you can bring more goodies to the bbq with yer new dwarf! :oooo:


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