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Key Largo Bar

Guest gogoblender

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Guest gogoblender



*big huge Hugz!*


wow, glad you could make it!


And hk, I'm glad yer havin a good time at the bar...*keeps an eye on the guzzler*


And glad we were of help (heh mostly indy that helped but oh well...one day I'll be high enough level ;))


lol, gratz Pev...yer the first girl ta post...


so please...anothe drink on me!







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Hey pevil, nice to see ya here. :)


*gives pev a drinkie*


No problem hkboi20. :)


Oh, no! Gogo what have you done? Now you will have to spend your time home, no, what ever will you do!?!? :P

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hey Ho chaps n chapesses ;)


Thanks for the invite to your new home Indy...nice pub :)


Hope you all had a great xmas and new year :)


Guess this round is on me...dinkies all round please :drunkards:


Brings a big supply of cake n cookies too :)

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Yay! Claire, you came!!




*takes claire for a spin*




Heh, I tried inviting you on IRC a few times but you weren't online, so in the end I just sent you a message.


The place is small at the moment, but will grow as we get new people to join. ;)

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Guest gogoblender

Wicked Beautiful!


*dances with Claire*


*buys Shai a beer...wait, he's exams...make that two :P*


Guys I'm so glad you could make it!


Shai you'll be set up with Trusted Member status so you can access our clan section. lol, almost everyone here is friends from Sacred!



Again...thank you everyone for coming!




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Guest gogoblender

I'll take that round and double it!



And...guys I just broke Two hundred rank today...


Yee Haw!











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lol, that's great! Congratulations!

(now I have yet to see that happen in the dutch universe where I already play for like 1-2 months)


*joins the party*


awww...gotta sleep now :(

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Guest gogoblender



lol, I was savin this bottle especially fer you darlin!


And...I think llama's somewhere around here too!


Woot toot cheroot!


Let's all sit down and drink some lefrog and a little bit of my cherished brie.






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Guest gogoblender



It's great to see you here dude!


lol, this forum's not all completed yet...but I think that it's startin ta look a little like home every day.


We made of with some Lefrog, have a little saurian brandy too...guess yer in fer the brandy cuz yer a classy llama?


like...you only spit in private right?






We got beach volley ball just around the corner...pack up yer trunx and spend some time here with the gang at Key Largo.


Welcome dude!




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