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Programs you cant "live" without


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Google is taking over the world.


Chrome just feels faster too. Loading sites, scrolling down pages, it all just has a better feel. I basically just need to learn how to customize it and tweak it to my liking (if possible). I'm still getting used to the placement of toolbars and things (I had modified Firefox to be more old school, don't know how to do that with Chrome yet). Also, there are security measures like AdBlock and NoScript for Firefox that I don't have on Chrome (not even sure if I need the latter, but ads were a rude awakening - forgot they existed lol).


Now that I think about there quite a few extensions I'll need to try to add to Chrome. One is FlashGet, which lets you download flash video embedded in sites. Because I'm on fairly slow DSL internet, I can't really stream anything, so if I want to watch video from the web I have to be able to download it first.

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Here's a freeware program that I recommend which optimizes PCs and keeps them clean and fast; it is safe for SETA as well as Solid State Drives. Pick it up in the following link, it's called Diskmax. Because it cleans out Windows Temp files, Sacred 2 will require three attempts before launching after using DiskMax.

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Don't laugh: most used last weeks was a self written one. We adapted a blue tooth interface for an ancient knitting machine and did a GUI for it using  python for designing clothes. Computer classes at school for our third needed a project ;)

Funny that people ask where the pullovers were bought...

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Program title: SageThumbs
Area of application: computer graphics
Recommended because: Perfect for Sacred 2 modding. Can view .dds and .tga file thumbnails in folder. Quick and reliable file conversion, e.g from .dds to .bmp. Can handle ALL .dds and .tga files, even those with some kind of built-in color profile that even GIMP can't open.
Download from: https://www.cherubicsoft.com/en/projects/sagethumbs/,
Cost: free
Known drawbacks / limitation: none that I know of

(Without SageThumbs there would be no thumbnail)


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