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  1. Sure He's totally not going to die in the next book or episode.
  2. I like how the show departed from the books. In the books, nothing happens. No ice zombies, no dragon stuff, nothing. Tyrion and Daenerys are wasted on some boring stuff.
  3. Hard to beat D2. Seconding trying MedianXL, if you haven't played it before. At least checking it out is a must.
  4. Ahh, this is clever... Is there one that is the most comprehensive that you use?Good seeing you Trust gogo I like http://www.badmovies.org/ There's a list of reviews with a short plot summary, which is helpful when you don't really know what exactly you are looking for.
  5. You may want to have a look at b-movie websites. I found quite a lot of movies from those times.
  6. I forgot I had a beta key for DST, does anyone want it? It's like vanilla DS (no Reign of Giants content), but currently without caves or adventure mode.
  7. The thing about professional-looking websites is that there can be a lot of issues that are not obvious unless you know about them beforehand. It's not just about look, but functionality as well. A company has different needs than a personal website or a blog. I'm thinking that you could get most of the basics done yourself, then have someone look at it properly. You should probably start thinking about paying for it out of your own pocket. The joy of being "volunteered"
  8. Great game Multiplayer for it is currently in beta, that should be awesome when it comes out.
  9. How serious is it supposed to be? If you go with something like wordpress, it could work, but it would look kinda unprofessional. Normally it's delegated to a designer/admin who does that sort of work for you.
  10. That does look like Dwarf Fortress, gonna keep an eye on it
  11. I'm guessing it's one of those "gaming" laptops...
  12. It's intentionally stupid so that smart people hang up quickly, and don't waste the scammer's time.
  13. Everyone, drop everything you're doing, and start working on S3 wiki nao!
  14. Fortunately this was a non-fatal demonstration of how certain ignorant beliefs are dangerous and should be avoided.
  15. That's not something I would expect from an amethyst. Although I wouldn't put one in the freezer anyway. I probably would never own an amethyst in the first place though. I wonder if it was cold in general, or just because of a sudden change of temperature
  16. I think you overreacted a bit. Your book would not prove anything to anyone (the believers have their own culture, and the skeptics will require something more concrete). The town's fame would not be damaged, in all likelyhood quite the opposite. These wild stories are not really about the truth, but more about entertainment. Look at the Loch Ness monster crowd, they know it's bs and they don't care.
  17. That has to be an easter egg as well, I'm certain that I've seen it somewhere...
  18. I'm just here because I had to find out what "Sauerkrautschokoladenkuchen" means. Looks tasty
  19. Wow, I always wanted us to have something like this on the wiki It adds a very uniform look and organization. Some notes: Need a field for the filename of the original image file that is being replaced by the template (for archival purposes)I disagree about the font discussion above, I would recommend any basic readable font like Arial, fancy fonts just don't usually suit wikis Add temporary categories to the dialogue and quest templates - that way the wiki software will automatically sort them so we can quickly see which pages are done and which still need work. The categories can be removed once all images are converted. Add OK/Accept/Decline parameter (defaulting to Ok?)
  20. If you like the general concept of Minecraft but don't like the lack of specific stuff to do, perhaps you would enjoy StarMade. It's a lot like Minecraft, but in space, and the stuff you build actually moves and shoots lazors at mobs. You know, like those Death Stars they make in Minecraft that never move?
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