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  1. Flix

    Making Ancaria great again

    Yeah, there weren't THAT many unique jewelry pieces added in CM Patch, just those set items from the mini-sets (about 12 amulets and 15 rings). There's just already like 100 vanilla unique rings and 100 amulets right from the start. I'll double check Amulet of the Sereish on the off-chance it's missing from some drop lists - as many tier 14 and 15 jewelry pieces were until CM 1.60. EDIT: Nah, it looks fine. It's not even tier 14, just plain ol' tier 13 unique. Since the weargroup is listed as Seraphim Only though, the chances of it dropping for any character other than a Seraphim are extremely low.
  2. I've also noticed some generic longswords making lightsaber sounds when picked up or moved around the inventory. I've also heard some breastplates making potion sounds in the same situations. I never noticed this before CM 1.60.
  3. Spells.txt, search for "doublehit_attack_ca", and delete this entire line: entry0 = {"et_mult_weapondamage", 1000, 0, 0, 9 },
  4. I tested it and strangely enough, the animation is "correct": she leans forward and swings her sword. The animation must be oriented wrong or something though because she flips onto her side while performing it. I've just replaced it with a different sword swing animation.
  5. Winter is finally after here after two long grueling years! Next week looks to be super intense. My friends and I have a deadpool going. Bets were placed on who will survive. Here are eps. 1 & 2 "spoilers" with no context
  6. Yes, the stats on the new items were designed to "fill in the gaps" of the vanilla selection. They were meant to provide modifiers that were lacking on certain item types, or to support builds that were not catered to before. Without it you're stuck with basically 1 armor set per aspect, and a weapon selection that pretty much favors either 1h melee or 2h ranged. I'd never go back myself, but I like to help people enjoy the game the way they want.
  7. I can reproduce this. It happens when using Soul Hammer with 2h swords while mounted on the Tiger. Either an animation is missing, or the definition is wrong, or both. Will see about fixing it.
  8. Flix

    Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition

    Alright I gave this a thorough testing, and I couldn't reproduce it. The big guy is always there waiting for me. I've also re-tuned Gahanka, who was indeed weaker than elite kobolds. I'm looking at some more of the vanilla mini-bosses who may have fallen behind the curve. Some of the weird damage spikes should also be taken care of in 2.2. I'm working on those elite Temple Guardian traps as well as the Wastelands Demons. All the Hard Hit and Multi Hit attacks will be significantly toned down since we learned that the damage multiplier in those CA's was way higher than expected.
  9. Flix

    Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition

    Yes EE 2.2 is on the horizon. Feel free to throw any and all feedback my way. I'm trying to address everything I can. Bonusgroup 1 is Chance to Disregard Armor (this one isn't assigned in blueprint.txt, each weapon gets a bonus assigned in typification.txt based on classification, and through this file, all lightsabers get this bonus). Bonusgroup 2 is a guaranteed gold slot (I tacked this one on since there weren't any chance for sockets in the following 2 groups) Bonusgroup 3 is one of the following: Chance for critical hits Attack Speed Direct Damage Casting Speed Chance for Fear Opponent Health for Deathblow Chance for Deep Wounds Chance for Deadly Wounds Opponent's Attack Rating -X% Chance for Serious Open Wounds Regeneration per Hit Bonusgroup 4 is one of the following: Attack & Defense +X (unlocked by Sword Lore) XP Per Kill Damage Mitigation +X% Chance to reflect projectiles Chance to reflect spells Life leeched per hit
  10. Flix

    Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition

    Done. I switched the bonuses to use actual lightsaber bonus groups instead of 1h swords bonus groups. These are the same pools that the unique/legendary lightsabers (Power of NIF and Bringer of Light) draw from. These don't seem to have class-specific bonuses in them.
  11. Flix

    Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition

    I am combing through all feedback in anticipation of a new release, and I just noticed this. It seems when items drop as quest rewards using quest.txt, they don't seem to use the "intelligent" RNG that takes into account the character's class when rolling the bonuses. It just seems to randomize the bonuses which makes for some really useless combinations. The only way around this I know of would be to remove all character-specific bonuses from the pool.
  12. Flix

    Making Ancaria great again

    Pandemonium's Pride is still dropping as well. It's developer made. I thought I removed it but I was thinking of Kanka's Relics, which was semi-complete but the bonuses were invented (and way overpowered, like the mutation sets). Fist and throwing weapons still exist but only as random normal/magic/rare because all the unique, set, and legendaries are fan inventions. I just can't believe no one noticed or said anything until now. It's plain that it's a bug. Will fix it in EE 2.2.
  13. Flix

    Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition

    Found the cause. He has a "Frostball" attack that I added, but forgot to give it any kind of animation. A few other bosses have this attack as well. This will be fixed in v2.2.
  14. Flix

    Making Ancaria great again

    I left Centurio's Insignia in the game. I believe that one had been created by devs, just wasn't dropping until CM Patch. Same with Kendric's Archon, Memories of the Trees, and Equilibrium. All the rest of the CM sets should be gone. As for CM uniques, only Mountain Man's Slippers, Well-worn Hat, Bugslayer, Hammer of the Righteous, Bringer of Light, those three jewelry pieces, and the Dragon Mage missing stuff (Bunny Ears, Scribe Bracers of Atherton, Christmas set) remain. For CM Legendaries, it's only the half-dozen or so jewelry pieces that the CM Patch made droppable that remain. For your second question, there is a tier of item between Unique (tier 13) and Legendary (tier 15). These are tier 14 items, and they can, strangely, drop as both unique or legendary. Here are some examples: http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php/Sacred_2:Hammer_of_the_Righteous http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php/Sacred_2:Bugslayer When this happens, there's no difference in stats, just item name color. Silver Fox speculated that when received as a quest reward (coming from quest.txt), they showed up as Legendary, if dropped from monsters or chests (from drop.txt), they showed up as Unique. Many of the Unlock items are tier 14.
  15. Flix

    Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition

    I finally checked on this - you were correct! The tooltips are swapped between Original/Enhanced Spell versions. This will be corrected in the upcoming 2.2 release.