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  1. No. It only applies its effects for spell damage-based combat arts (those that have the flag causesSpellDamage = 1, in their spell entry).
  2. lq, mq, and hq folders are for maps (textures) gr2 files would be the models (3d meshes) I still think theoretically this could be done through textures only, but if it works, it works. Have fun!
  3. Should be fine. Pesmontis put in a lot of work on many of those so it might be nice to credit him.
  4. Hmm. The message I would expect to see when moving a singleplayer in to mutlitplayer is something like "Your character's quest progress and the server's quests are incompatible. Your quest progress will not be saved." That lets you know that your singleplayer quests will be preserved and waiting for you when you go back to singleplayer. However I've only ever tried this with the default mode, and I believe that's Campaign, not Free Play. It could be that Free Play just wipes quests.
  5. Take your character back to SinglePlayer now. Quest progress for singleplayer characters doesn't get loaded or saved when they're taken into Multiplayer games. Your quest progress should still be there when you go back to SinglePlayer.
  6. It's the graphic for the Weaken effect. It is the secondary effect from inflicting any kind of magic damage. It will also show when debuffing opponent attributes.
  7. 342 is ancient magic. Making the change I suggested above in blueprint.txt will have an immediate and retroactive effect. It will cause all normal, magic, and rare-tier relics to re-roll their bonuses. No other items would be affected.
  8. This is the bonus group: newBonusgroup = { id = 549, name = "Ybga_artefact ", bonuslist = { 343,344,345,346,}, } mgr.createBonusgroup(549, newBonusgroup); Just need to add 341, and 347, to the list to include all General Skills. Just FYI for any self-modders. It will probably be a while before I update any mods.
  9. This is correct. These are two different bonuses. @jwiz If you have other examples let me know and I will address them.
  10. I've just made aware via a fan on the Nexus that Kuan's Breath is currently broken in 2.4. Basically, right now it's more like "Kuan's Peace" because it makes all enemies into friends. This was an unintended side-effect of making the Sakkara Demon no longer turn against the player when the duration expires. Seems enemies under the influence of Kuan's Breath are assigned the same faction as the Sakkara, "FACTION_GODSPELL". I'll try to work out a solution that doesn't break the new Sakkara behavior.
  11. Here it is: https://drive.google.com/file/d/14WyAP8ETWMCOYl-M-iI1oNoX8JPAM79L/view?usp=sharing
  12. I have a Dragon Mage who has done all light quests in Silver and also, I believe, Platinum. He has unlocked all difficulties so you will likely be able to trigger the "extra quest companions" bug quite easily with him. I will upload Dr. Manhattan in a few hours when I get home from work. As for the complete list, I've seen numerous quest companions join up inappropriately. Most common is Zymun, from the Runemaster tutorial. I've also seen Botanist Aratan from one of the tree-planting quests on Dyr-Lain.
  13. What quests did you have in mind?
  14. Simply put, ice damage from any source has a change to trigger the "Freeze" secondary effect. This is a movement speed penalty. Like other secondary effects, the intensity of freeze is dependent on the amount of ice damage inflicted. Some ice spells (like Frost Flare) also have a built-in movement speed debuff that is guaranteed to trigger with each hit. This can stack with itself and with the Freeze effect. Freeze as it existed in Diablo 2 (where the enemy was immobilized in a block of ice) does not exist sadly. The only equivalent in Sacred 2 is the "Stun" effect.
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