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  1. Sacred 3?

    The reception here was not so good... I played the demo and knew it was not for me. Only Sacred in name.
  2. There's always a chance he'll update it. After all, Survival Mod got updated by its creator for CM 1.60 after a loooong time. But I wouldn't hold my breath. I can update the Serious Textures component but I don't have it in me right now to do the Spells module. I'll take a look at this weekend.
  3. You can get the Community Patch here: You can install it on Steam. It works the same as with any other installation. Simply run the installer file. It's true the Destroyers used to explode prematurely sometimes. This is another bug we fixed in the Community Patch.
  4. That's because it was never updated past version 1.50
  5. The Dragon Mage has many bugs and balance problems without the Community Patch. The Dragon Magic aspect in particular performs very badly without the patch. He also has a bug where he cannot remove combat arts from his combos. This is fixed in the patch, among many other issues. The Patch was designed to preserve the developer's vision of the game. The interface design is changed somewhat but it can be switched back to the default if you don't like the look of it.
  6. Yes! It makes a nice mix. This guy "Miracle of Sound" is just a one man project. I'm really liking the way the internet has changed music consumption and distribution. The artist can publish his stuff right to the fans from his own home, and then fans can buy the music through whatever digital platform. Another band I've been listening to lately, "The Gentle Storm"
  7. Unbended update RIP

    Ah, that's sad news.
  8. Welcome to DarkMatters! I hope you enjoy the game. I recommend the Dragon Mage if you have the Community Patch installed. He is my favorite character. The High Elf is easier to play. I recommend High Elf if you don't have the Community Patch.
  9. Older: Legend: Hand of God The Chosen: Well of Souls Silverfall Dungeon Siege series Newer: Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing Victor Vran Vikings: Wolves of Midgard
  10. I am currently addicted to this song. I blast it every morning on the commute and arrive to work pumped.
  11. There is a blending effect between animations that was shortened dramatically in CM 1.60. It's not actually removed, but changed from something like 1.0s to 0.25s. We (the developers) fought about this for a long time. I was against it, but eventually capitulated because it fixed some visual bugs. For example projectiles firing off before the ranged weapon is even raised. I wish I could provide a better justification for it. Development was extraordinarily contentious however and there are many things I remain dissatisfied with, to the point that I no longer play the game.
  12. Blank item modifier

    True, but don't forget that line of text displays even when there's nothing unlockable. It's letting you know what skill will boost the item.
  13. Blank item modifier

    Are you talking about the words just under "Two-handed" in this picture for example? That's just letting you know what skill boosts the weapon.
  14. That explains Goldenglade Touch as well. It has a large cooldown.