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  1. Sorry I didn't reach out to you sooner Crow Girl! I haven't forgotten about the awesome community at Sacred Legends. I will make a post soon, or ask Pesmontis or Czevak to make a post.
  2. Well that bit about double memory usage is news to me. I haven't had any issues on my end with Elite Textures except for mild-to-moderate slowdown while running through crowded cities. No crashes, no freezes. As far as I knew we were directly targeting the memory leak issue, which is resolved, with an added bonus of better PhysX stability. I doubt we'll produce a magic pill to make this game run like a triple-A product.
  3. Download has been updated again with fix for duplicate special mounts. Characters who haven't had this bug yet should be prevented from ever getting it. If you've already got a character with the bug, make sure you buy a horse and special mount, save and reload. Bug should be gone.
  4. Mage staff is now a ranged weapon.
  5. Hello! Yes. All languages, just like always. Czevak and Pesmontis have helped prepare the German localization. We are the same team. This release is a test version, just like Czevak and Marcus always released in between official releases. We are using MantisBT just like always to track and fix bugs and restore content. The only difference is I am making the announcements and leading this release.
  6. Yes for me Anti-Aliasing on/off didn't have any noticeable affect in this scenario, but texture size made a dramatic difference. With texture quality at minimal I could run up and down the entirety of problem areas like Griffinborough or Teardrop Hamlet without a single hitch, even with all other settings activated and maxed out (PhysX, AA, Weather, Shadows, etc.). Pulling out just the textures that "need" elite versions (because the normal versions are of such low quality) is a big project. You can't tell the difference between a lot of landscape and architecture, but for NPC's and weapons, oftentimes the only textures that look half-decent are the elite versions. Case in point:
  7. Dmitriy, can you tell us a little about what these various options do? I was going to ask you in private but then I figured many people might like to know. ==================================== It seems my previous game instability was all related to memory leak crashing, PhysX, and those weird crashy spots in the Cursed Forest, which all seem to be addressed now in 1.60. The only bad performance I get now, I can directly trace to texture size. Take Griffinborough for example. Elite Textures = slowdown is worse, Normal Textures = not so bad, Minimal Textures = no slowdown. Perhaps unsurprisingly, giant 2048x2048 textures cause the game not to run so well. No other variables have had any noteworthy impact on performance since I started running CM 1.60 (except Anti-aliasing + old Combat Alert FX, which we removed). My 2 cents.
  8. I updated the download link again, this time with a 7z archive with encrypted file names, using a fresh set of system files I just got from Dmitriy. Just to rule out any tomfoolery by Yahoo or Google overlords "protecting" us from malicious files using whatever tampering they may use. If for some reason you can't open 7z archives you can get 7zip here.
  9. Enemies walk backward when you're higher level than them. Check your level, check enemy levels, report back. I can't view your video. Double mount bug still isn't fixed, looks like. I've been getting it myself.
  10. Download is updated. Now includes fixes for missing Potion fx and debuff fx.
  11. This is a test release. Just like every test release before, this is like a patch for a patch. Czevak and Marcuswob always released a test version for use with the mod enabler before the full installer package for the final release was built. I'm doing the same.
  12. Are you running in full screen? I forgot that one result of testing was that windowed mode should not be used due to some serious crashing problems. How is your stability compared to patch 1.50? You mean throwing potions don't work? Drinkable potions don't have an animation, nor do hero statues (god statues and blessed altars do however). Tell me about the the frame rate slow down. Is that brand new, or more of the same? Griffinborough has always given my system fits, just like you describe, though not quite as bad. Does disabling Anti-Aliasing in the game menu do anything for the slowdown? I'm experimenting with bypassing the in-game AA and forcing it through Nvidia CP. Some effects were giving massive slowdown to my system, but only when the in-game AA was enabled. Yeah, those Orc Ghosts that are summoned by Ogre Shamans are tough now, but they were definitely missing some bonuses before. The elites were formerly weaker than the normal variants. Thanks for posting Androdion.
  13. That depends how much you trust yourself to uninstall all your mods successfully. Clean install is safest. Players trying the 1.60 beta test should be prepared to go without any other mods whatsoever. Nude mod is going to have to be updated after the full release of CM 1.60 (fallback equipment removed in the new creatureinfo.txt)
  14. Community Patch 1.60 Beta - Download Full Change Log ================================================ Instructions: This beta patch is meant to be installed as a mod on top of an existing CM 1.50 install. This not the full installer package or a final release. You must have fully patched Ice and Blood / Sacred 2 Gold installed. You must have Community Patch 1.50 installed. Use the Generic Mod Enabler (GME) to install this mod. Install the GME to your Sacred 2 install folder, extract this mod into the MODS folder created by the GME, then run the GME and enable the mod! ------------------------------------------------- Options.txt: Options.txt is a file we can't directly mod because of its location. There's a couple things you can change to get the most of out of the new CM Patch though. Location: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Ascaron Entertainment\Sacred 2 Make sure you have "Show Hidden Files\Folders" enabled in order to navigate here. Search for each of the following three lines and change the values as listed below: binding_shortcut0 = 1, cmd_shortcut0 = "sys savehero", autoCollectRadius = 230, ------------------------------------------------- Recommended: Compatibility Mode should not be used (just try the game without it, even if you're used to using it). Run in FULL SCREEN mode only. Windowed mode causes instability in Sacred 2. After installing the patch, right click the shortcut to sacred2.exe and add to the "Target" field: -nocpubinding -skipopenal So, the full "Target" field would look something like: "C:\Sacred 2 Gold\system\sacred2.exe" -nocpubinding -skipopenal ------------------------------------------------- Warning: Don't have any other mods installed to test this new patch! Ok, a music mod might be alright but that's it! Please don't use any third party utilities that patch the game's executables or refresh memory. A big part of this patch is about implementing built-in solutions to those memory problems (the work is done for you). Here's a compilation of all the development threads leading up the patch: General and Code Changes Restored Creatures Project Unlocked Items and Enemy Gear Fixes Player Equipment Fixes Spell and Skill Fixes Text, UI, and Quest Fixes Creature Fixes Adding New Portals to Community Patch Elite Mounts Project Let me know if the download link is working. Google can be finicky about exe files, even when they're inside archives. Report everything! Feedback, good or bad, and definitely let me know if any feature is missing or something is buggy! I'll make a credits list before the final release.