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  1. Could it be you got hit by his Arctic Blast? CA's that knock back enemies can cause that permanent freezing. I'd hoped the "Push" spell token from Gust of Wind/Raving Thrust type spells were immune to that, but it could be the same old issue. Temple of Noriath, the upper-most western corner of Tyr Lysia. It's just north of the guy who gives you the White Griffin quest... quest giver is a priestess.
  2. Flix

    Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition

    Sigh. Guess I missed that one. I'll fix it. Well not anymore lol. Blame staying up way too late last night for jumping to conclusions. @dimitrius154 is there any way you can answer this definitively? Can you find the actual formula anywhere for a bonus with the type = "BONUS_ENERGYLEECH_ONCE", and see if it's any different than type = "BONUS_ENERGYLEECH_WHIT", ?
  3. Flix

    Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition

    Yeah, I finally watched the video. It's definitely just a flat amount, see how Paralyzing Dread just regenerates tiny little ticks each time he casts Dislodged Spirit. I will amend the Wiki page for DS and any other CA's that mention the non-existent RpH%. EDIT: Ok, it's all updated. I will apologize for those %'s on the wiki, I'm the fool who put them there in the first place. Several years back I went a crusade to insert the true, hard numbers from the scripts into the Wiki's Combat Art pages. I don't know why I thought they were percent values.
  4. Flix

    Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition

    I sent you to the overview page to give you a jumping off point to all of them. Known Aspect Lore effects are listed on each individual combat art's page as well. ;) That's exactly right. If there's nothing else listed there, it's because nothing else is known to be improved by the Aspect Lore aside from the standard damage & execution speed. I think it would be redundant and possibly confusing. Every modifier that's listed on that forum post is already included on the applicable Aspect Lore page AND the individual pages of the Combat Arts where they appear, both of which are linked to from numerous pages. If one were to discover an additional modifier that was boosted by an Aspect Lore skill, I suggest it should be added in those two places. There are numerous examples of exactly what I described: http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php/Sacred_2:Nature_Weaver_Lore http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php/Sacred_2:Cabalistic_Voodoo_Lore http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php/Sacred_2:Delphic_Arcania_Lore http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php/Sacred_2:Revered_Technology_Lore http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php/Sacred_2:Rallied_Souls http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php/Sacred_2:Charged_Grid http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php/Sacred_2:Crystal_Skin Thanks for the in-depth testing. I'm almost completely convinced now it's just flat regen per hit. Activating more buffs increases your overall regen time, so the flat RpH doesn't regenerate as much, accounting for the mysterious extra cooldown you mentioned when turning on Purifying Chastisement. Using the Source modification of Soul Reaver to improve regen times make that little cooldown go away because the RpH now exceeds your total regeneration time for that CA. EDIT: I didn't think about this before but the easiest way to tell if it was percentage-based or not would be to just put other combat arts with varying regen times in the adjacent slots, if they all regenerate to full at exactly the same moment, it would be percentage-based. If they regenerate at various rates, it would be flat amounts.
  5. Flix

    Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition

    This is what I managed to scrape together: It doesn't matter if it's a modification or not, what matters is the type of property. I do not believe regeneration per hit is increased by aspect lore, but it may well be. Each Aspect Lore page on the WIki lists any additional effects that get increased in lieu of damage. Did you rule out the possibility that Regeneration per Hit on spells is just a flat number, like the version on weapon hits? There are only two types of bonuses that get used for RpH: type = "BONUS_ENERGYLEECH_WHIT", -- this used for the the RpH item modifier, Alchemy trophies, and also on Magic Coup. type = "BONUS_ENERGYLEECH_ONCE", -- this is used on Callous Execution, Dislodged Spirit, & Jolting Touch. Often when a bonus is percentage-based on the scripts it will have the _REL suffix, for example "BONUS_LIFELEECH" vs "BONUS_LIFELEECH_REL". Just something to consider.
  6. Flix

    Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition

    It couldn't, as Regeneration per Hit only triggers from weapon hits. Thanks for the update.
  7. That's the line for the effect, period. That line comprises both visual and audio effects. You could decouple the two using the second method I described, if you don't like the change in visuals (there will probably a lightning glow on her hand when she strikes).
  8. Try changing the fxTypeCast line in the spell entry for Magic Coup ("he_ar_magischerschlag") For example, you could try: fxTypeCast = "FX_HE_ENERGIEBLITZ_C", or fxTypeCast = "FX_DM_GEDANKENSCHLAG_C", Just try swapping in values from other spells until one feels right. If you have a specific sound you want, then you could also find that ogg file in the pak folder, copy it, and rename it to the file name of the Magic Coup sound effect.
  9. Sure thing. The reduced critical chance will apply immediately and retroactively because I edited the bonuses directly, not the items. No bonuses will be re-rolled. Download: blueprint.txt
  10. No, that change is made in blueprint.txt and only applies to items. I'll push it out whenever v13 is released. This is the relevant section of the changelog: Items: - Chance for Critical Hits on "Enhance" Blacksmith Art now uses the same value as Runes. Value is reduced back to vanilla to prevent easily socketing 100% crit chance. - Chance for Critical Hits on items (except those unlocked by Alchemy or Weapon skills) are reduced back to vanilla values. Unlockable values remain tripled.
  11. Flix

    Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition

    Relax. You framed it like a problem, so I approached it like one. It's not like you're stuck with whatever I do, and I haven't even done anything. XD
  12. Flix

    Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition

    What you're not acknowledging is that the energy leech from Dislodged Spirit doesn't just affect itself, it will regenerate all combat arts. So the player has a spammable regen per hit effect that doesn't even require landing a successful weapon hit to regenerate all combat arts immediately. Jolting Touch seems to be in the same boat. What might solve it better would be to leave all values alone except to add an actual Cooldown. That would reduce the excessive stacking and also prevent the instant regen. The values are very low. Will probably change the damage type to fire and double the damage value. Haven't done anything yet (not even at home), just thinking out loud. Testing will bear out the viability of any changes.
  13. Flix

    Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition

    Torture's spell token is as follows: entry6 = {"et_dotdamage_ice", 420, 210, 4, 42 }, This is simply Ice DOT added on top of the base damage, spread out across the duration of the curse. It's not connected to the base ice damage whatsoever. The damage numbers on the wiki are pasted from the scripts and admittedly don't translate all that well to in-game damage numbers because so many other calculations are involved. You'll see something similar when any enemy is disarmed. They show as inflicting 0 damage in the Last Opponent window. Seems to be the case with almost all debuffs in Sacred 2. Unlike Diablo where the duration simply get refreshed, you can curse enemies into oblivion if the duration exceeds the cooldown. Simplest way to solve that would be to just remove the scaling increase per level, and just leave it at a flat value that doesn't increase with more runes read. There are a lot of of CA's that use that token (it's called "et_energy_leech_once") so there may be a need to adjust several CA's in such a way. Can see about adjusting it to make it more useful. Thanks for the in-depth testing.
  14. @Dax Sorry to hear about this unfortunate illness. My grandmother passed from the same thing. Wishing for a quick recovery.
  15. There are 1) New items that don't exist in vanilla that have it, and 2) Vanilla items that did not have it before but now have it D2F