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  1. Crash at Inquisitor Ortlewyn

    You could try it without the Addendum to rule it out as the cause.
  2. Lizardmen as playable character?

    The replacement itself is doable and not too complicated. It grows exponentially more complex if you want fully upgradeable equipment and combat arts though. Making a monster mod might be a fun project; I can do a test run on the Lizardman. After I finish my playthrough of The Witcher 3 though.
  3. Bingo. It will just keeping going lower and lower, meaning you can read more runes.
  4. CM Patch 1.60 Addendum

    It's Bound for Eternity from the Beyond Divinity soundtrack. Composed by the late Kirill Pokrovsky.
  5. [REL] Diablo 2 Fallen

    Did you run the mod enabler and enable the mod?
  6. Alright, let me check and see if I left that file out of the mod or something.
  7. Getting other class mounts

    It wouldn't be visually appealing; it would look terrible because the characters don't share animations. Dragon Mage and Shadow Warrior could swap mounts, since they share the same bones. That would be the end of it. For the rest, you would have the characters sitting sideways or probably not even in the saddle at all but in some bizarre position like half-buried in the ground. You could copy and rename the animations of the other characters but they would severely warp and stretch the models of characters not made for those animations.
  8. CM Patch 1.60 Addendum

    Why don't you show off more of this stuff? You're selling yourself and your mod short by presenting it strictly as a bundle of fixes, and not the inventive and creative endeavor that it is.
  9. CM Patch 1.60 Addendum

    They're meant to be "magical" in the lore, just using weapon damage as a base.
  10. CM Patch 1.60 Addendum

    So a spellcaster can't modify those combat arts without investing in a skill which gives no other benefit?
  11. CM Patch 1.60 Addendum

    So those CA's are partly divorced from their companion CA's in their aspect. Ah, so really it's more like a boost. Spell casters would be able to take advantage of those CA's without having to take Tactics Lore. And the get the benefits of two skills for the price of one. Now this is a nerf, because the player will have to take two skills where once they only needed the Aspect Lore skill. Now they'll need Tactics Lore for damage% and a weapon lore for the Attack Speed%. One of the perks of hybrid combat arts was that a weapon lore wasn't needed.
  12. CM Patch 1.60 Addendum

    1. Incorrect? I think for the sake of consistency they wanted all combat arts in a given aspect to have the same Aspect skills. Chopping up the aspects like that kind of undermines the whole idea of aspects in the first place. How do modification points work now? This also seems kind of a nerf since before these spells could pull damage % from their Aspect Lore as well as Ancient Magic. Now they only have one skill for that. 2. Why not Archangel's Wrath or Magic Coup?
  13. CM Patch 1.60 Addendum

    For now you will have to consider this as an alternative to my mods. In many respects they are mutually exclusive right out of the box. I would need to rebuild my mods using this Addendum as a base, or else just pull over the script changes, which may be few - a lot of the magic here is happening in the code. It will take time for me to examine all the features of this mod.
  14. CM Patch 1.60 Addendum

    I wish we could have found a way to develop these changes (or some of them, anyway) into an official CM Patch 1.70 release. Alas. Congratulations on the release of this impressive endeavor.