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  1. I think that's a coding thing, technically intended by the developers. I thought adding the spell tokens would be enough to activate Deadly Strike fully, but it seems that items simply can't contribute to the effect on spells, no matter what. Whenever I can get the next release finished based on Dmitriy's coding that should be a thing of the past.
  2. Ah, but it gave us this classic though:
  3. I looked at this a while back and it turns out there's no bug, it was just a weird screenshot from that guy. The weapon looks like it's supposed to.
  4. This is a graphics-related problem. Are you still using the stock Elite Textures? I'd be interested to know if this ever happens to you if you set the game's textures to Default.
  5. As requested. Before: After: Every resurrection monolith has a thumbnail associated with it. It displays here: There were six missing monolith thumbnails, in which case a generic blue placeholder showed up instead. This placeholder would also be used if the character had not yet reached a monolith. In PFP the missing thumbnails were added, and also character-specific icons were added. Before: After:
  6. My first thought: Add FXTYPE_FLYINGBATS to Glacial Spikes and let's see if we can cause a swarm of deadly bats.
  7. This is correct, but you don't necessarily have to change an existing blueprint bonus, you can just make a new one in blueprint.txt and point the spell token to whatever numerical ID you gave it. This is what I'd personally recommend.
  8. By far the biggest two anime discoveries in the past year have been: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, and Demon Slayer. Demon Slayer is a very emotional, extremely well-animated show. I've never seen scenes animated with such beauty and complexity. The show itself follows one boy who starts as a simple charcoal dealer and ends up training to become a demon slayer. His story covers years of grueling battles and training, during which his skills slowly increase. He also builds relationships along the way with other slayers. This show is full of goosebumps. JoJo's
  9. Motley Mirth is one of the "unlock" items that now drops normally. You may find that you see all kinds of items you'd never seen much of before PFP. This is because drop.txt was critically broken in many ways. The efforts made in CM Patch and Enhanced Edition only scratched the surface in terms of correcting all the flaws. In PFP I literally reviewed every single item in blueprint.txt and made sure it was present in all the correct places in drop.txt. It took weeks. There was A LOT missing, and other errors like duplicate items and items in the wrong lists. I'm currently workin
  10. Welcome, good to see you here. I replied to you on Steam. Please keep this in mind: CM Patch 1.60 + Enhanced Edition work together. Purist Fixpack should only be used by itself. It will not "play nice" with the other mods. Have fun!
  11. Well it may be the first of many such crashes. I strongly recommend the Elite Textures Trimmed instead. The game's texture cache is ill-equipped to handle the stock Elite Textures. However please do let me know if it seems that something specific triggers a CTD.
  12. Of course it's less debris. The vanilla version is the result of a mistake. If it pleases you, you can just use the vanilla file and think of it like an "turbo overdrive lots of extra leaves and dirt mod" or something. So long as performance and stability is satisfactory to you, it doesn't matter. The wind is dependent on the weather, which is not constant (and not changed in the mod at all).
  13. PFP does not contain the physxExt.zip file from the CM Patch with all the particles deleted. The file in PFP is essentially a correction.
  14. Maybe. Might be some timing problem in the script. But, his timings have plagued modders for a while. Not sure how much better they can get with the vertex animations. The Inquisitor wasn't subject to those, due to his animations being completely different. In effect he always had 0 blending time. Why on earth would I take the time to fix all the CA's and then selectively apply the fixes only to an optional module? The change log states everything I've done in EE and delineates what changes are specific to Alternate Spells. You rest assured that all changes are part of the
  15. Alright folks I have merged the Dragon Mage mutation set module with the main PFP. This makes development and support much easier on me, and will fix the lingering crash to main menu problem for users of the DM Mutation set. New release is 1.1, download links are updated, this was the only change.

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