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  1. Flix

    Diablo 2 Fallen on SacredWiki

    I've updated the 7 D2F characters' combat arts wiki pages for the new v12 release. Since I know these are probably the most heavily referenced. Paladin Amazon Druid Assassin Sorceress Barbarian Necromancer
  2. Flix

    Amazon's Plague Spears Pestilence Mod

    The base spread chance is roughly equivalent to Viperish Disease. The spread chance increase per level is halved from VD. The base damage is roughly twice that of VD.
  3. Flix

    The Burgfräulein, Paladin build in 1.2

    I'm not sure I follow. Holy Fire isn't in the base game. Its closest equivalent is High Elf's Incandescent Skin and it follows all the same damage mechanics as that skill.
  4. @Ysendrawould it be alright if I featured two of these skins in my mod "Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition?" With full credit to you of course. I imported the Daemon into Sacred 2 a while back and I thought your textures might be nice visuals for upgrading her powers.
  5. Flix

    The Burgfräulein, Paladin build in 1.2

    XP progression between D2F and EE is identical. Same goes for Superspawn - same spawn multiplier is applied. D2F leveling could be marginally slower since enemy respawn rate is slightly lower. But then again player movement speed is much faster so you can always continue on to new areas more quickly so it probably evens out.
  6. Uninstall the game completely then reinstall and try running the game without installing anything else. No patches or mods.
  7. Flix

    The Burgfräulein, Paladin build in 1.2

    It is very fulfilling to see builds posted for the mod. I know from the stats that thousands of people download the mod but very few ever report back how they're playing it unless there's a bug. Much respect to your daughter for putting together a powerful Paladin. I wonder what bosses killed her mount? She's so powerful, were there any noteworthy fights that were challenging?
  8. Glad to have you here, Mike. I hope you enjoy your time on the boards and playing the wonderful Sacred games. I am also a big fan of Grim Dawn - very much the current "king" IMO of the old school isometric action RPG's.
  9. Flix

    Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition

    In fact you need the Dual Wield skill to dual wield anything.
  10. Flix

    Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition

    Androdion has the right of it. See my Inquisitor below who I am currently playing. All CM 1.60 did was make it so you didn't need the Magic Staves skill to shoot the projectiles. I remember it being a point of contention during development on whether to preserve dual wield. This set in particular was part of what saved it. I'm assuming you have learned the Dual Wield skill prior to attempting to equip two staves?
  11. Ah, that would be the key difference between our setups then. I found the game nigh-unplayable with the default elite textures. The trimmed version contains just the diffuse maps with the (gigantic) normal maps removed, so there's really no visible difference but a tremendous boost to performance.
  12. Thanks for the feedback. Sounds very powerful indeed. I wonder if any one combat art is at "fault" or if the scaling simply needs to be slowed down at high levels.
  13. Yes, that's the Gypsy Camp! http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php/Sacred:The_Gypsy_Camp
  14. Flix

    CM Patch 1.60 Hotfix

    Also I'm not sure if the justification for removing it was ever provided publicly. The elite shader fx was overriding other shaders on enemies, namely any type of hair/fur and likely others as well. The reasoning was there were three other good indicators of elite status: the stylized circles around the enemy feet, the different name plate with gold text, and (often) different appearance (larger models, different textures).
  15. Flix

    CM Patch 1.60 Hotfix

    It was a code change in one of the dll's I believe.