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  1. Flix

    Almost Godlike / Arena Above the Clouds? HELP!

    Hello. The best way to avoid this is to zoom in when talking to characters when you're about to start a fight. Then it doesn't take any time for the camera to auto-zoom out. You can move immediately. You'll regain the first 50% of the Survival Bonus fairly quickly. It's only around 70% when it really starts to slow down.
  2. I've got a ton of models from Sacred 1 that have been adapted for use in Sacred 2. If you want I could upload them and try to explain how to script them into the game. I used them in my mod Diablo 2 Fallen to recreate several D2 enemies, but there's no reason why you couldn't add them to the game with their original Sacred names.
  3. Flix

    Carnach and his Fire Spirit cronies

    Is it no damage, or just very low damage? Carnach does have extraordinarily high fire resistance and mitigation. Not sure if I was ever able to create true immunity to any damage types.
  4. IMO you need to ditch Moony's mod, that thing is made for a super old version of CM Patch, so it's probably overwriting some scripts with outdated versions.
  5. Flix

    Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition

    It is absolutely possible. Think of quest.txt and drop.txt as two different sources of getting drops. They both draw separately from entries in blueprint.txt. So it's entirely possible to remove the blueprints from drop.txt and add them as quest rewards in quest.txt. You could get a piece of a mini-set for each step along the way on a long chain quest, or get all pieces all at once at the end. The only thing you can't do wtih quest rewards is make them draw from a pool of possible rewards (and this kills me). So for example, I couldn't make a quest give a random set item as a reward (like maybe you'll get Kira's Wall, maybe you'll get Nitao's Black Death, etc.). The rewards have to be specific.
  6. Flix

    Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition

    The item modifier related changes that I documented are listed below: All characters may now find bonuses to Enhanced Perception and Bargaining on their items. Due to "Chance for Double Hit" modifier not being checked for ranged attacks, it has been replaced with "Opponent Health for Deathblow" on legendaries: Essence of Dark Matters and Aarnum's Pathfinder. Due to the Pacifism skill being removed, bonuses to Pacifism have been removed from all items. Replaced with "Survival Bonus" on uniques. Selling Price modifier removed from random items' bonus lists. Replaced with Survival Bonus on uniques. Chance to Find Valuables modifier on Legendary Relics no longer requires the Enhanced Perception skill. Decreased values of "Damage Mitgation: All +X%" equipment modifier to approximately 75% of the former values. This does not affect single element Damage Mitigation or Damage Mitigation granted by Combat Arts. Decreased values of "Block Chance" equipment modifiers unlocked by Shield Lore to approximately 75% of the former values. Rare-tier damage converters may now have a Chance for Secondary Effect +% based on damage type. The player can now find unique damage converters which give additional Damage +% based on damage type. Leech life from opponents (LL%) will no longer appear on rare items, only unique or better. Regeneration per hit (RPH) will no longer appear on magic items, only rare or better. Legendary jewelry now spawns with an additional bonus at level 75+, typically unlocked by skill mastery. High level rare items now have a good chance for an extra bonus or socket. Added racial damage bonuses to Bugslayer, Orcslayer, Dragonslayer, and Dragon's Nemesis. Uniques are re-balanced. Overpowered weapons and shields now have reduced modifiers and fewer sockets, while underpowered items (particularly 2h weapons) have modifier boosts and more sockets. But I'm guessing you wanted a more specific list regarding that final entry. The item rebalance changes are mostly ported over from D2F, minus the renaming and the addition of new Diablo items. You might review the D2F visual guide to uniques and/or peruse the D2F items thread to get some idea as to what to expect in EE. If you see an item that has some newfound appeal, you can check for it on the guaranteed quest rewards list for Enhanced Edtion, available here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lHD0Dw93ThzY9McCTTVZHAgsvn_aivqW/view It's not a perfect method because a lot of items got renamed in D2F (e.g., Stradal's Hammer is Schafer's Hammer), but it should hopefully help understand what's going on in EE. If you want a ranged weapon with LL%, you can get the Star of Astaroth by completing the Unholy Crusade quest in Artamark. What you wrote does make me think that some modifiers like LL% should have been more evenly dispersed in the unique/legendary selection. I feel like there should be at least one unique/legendary of each weapon type that has that modifier.
  7. Hey! If you're playing D2F I added tons of new quest rewards. You can check the list and see what quests might give you the kind of items you're looking for: http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php/Sacred_2:Diablo_2_Fallen_Quest_Rewards
  8. Are you entering a different value in the line: releasestage = 30, in the quest script? Or is more complicated than that?
  9. Flix

    The Diablo 2 Fallen Items Thread

    That's because each one is the product of several files: models, textures, icons, encoding for the names, not to mention the dozens of script files that incorporate all these changes to the game. Trying to use the items without the mod would just result in them being a random, useless item with no stats at best. At worst they would not appear at all. In other words everything that comprises the mod is needed to access the content.
  10. Flix

    Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition

    I do my best to make it as easy as possible for the dumbest people out there. A lot of time if I say "unzip the file" people end up with an extra folder in their MODS folder. I wanted to make it clear that the contents of the file you download need to be extracted, without creating any new folders.
  11. It's just a harmless visual bug if it's not stopping you from socketing the bonus. There's no penalty. Any mods installed?
  12. Damn that hurts to read that a chance at second life isn't going to happen.
  13. Flix

    Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition

    Thanks I'll check it out. That and the Dragon AI are on my list right now. I've got a brand new hard drive installed in my PC so I will have to reinstall everything. I backed up all my mod development folders luckily. May not get to it til this weekend though.
  14. Working ok for me. Also using 7-zip.