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  1. Narmul is very deadly. I've lost many mounts to her and even some high Survival Bonuses. It seems nothing in Ancaria can withstand the shotgun blasts of Glacial Thorns however. Is the Abishai of Dissension next?
  2. The new FireFox ... so fast?!!

    The update broke all my add-ons and extensions. Spent a full day trying to figure out best way to downgrade before giving up.
  3. Yes that was added in the mod! I wanted to make sure all Legendaries were really Legendary, with really good stats. Ohhhhh I can't wait to get back to developing this mod.
  4. My antivirus interferes with running Sacred2.exe provided by the patch (tries to prevent launch and wants to scan the file). I have to disable it before running the game. Could be some similar but silent process going on with you.
  5. You'd need to edit the balance.txt included with the mod, before installing, then install the mod. Alternatively you could install the mod and edit the balance.txt in the normal location, but changes would be permanently lost on uninstalling the mod. Are you playing with Inferno Edition patch? That has its own balance.txt file that will overwrite the mod's base file.
  6. Ah, I see, it's on the Easter Eggs page as part of the "Car Showroom" page. Very cool. I don't think I've ever checked out that show room, to be honest.
  7. Tactics Lore and Magic Coup

    Test it and report back to us. I never challenged the existing lore on the Wiki during my past editing-frenzy of all the combat art pages. It may be that what was meant is that it won't boost the damage % gain from Magic Coup, the way that aspect lores boost damage. It may be just as you say, and so Tactics Lore on Magic Coup's page should read like it does on the other weapon-based CA pages.
  8. Attached. It's not 100% complete, and some changes made since CM 1.40 aren't reflected, but it's mostly accurate. The "for creatures" column is the bonus number, and the "for items" column lists the bonusgroup number. Be sure to brush up on the difference if you're not sure which to reference. Bonusliste_sortiert.zip
  9. I'm very proud to see with your well-deserved moderator status Steve. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask me.
  10. Confirmed. Looking into it. It's not just Sinister Pact. Stealth just can't be broken by attacks anymore.
  11. Currently Watching...

  12. You bought them separately? I didn't even know they sold them like that anymore. Ice & Blood expansion can only be installed on the UK version of Sacred 2. If you're getting it through a digital vendor it should be Sacred 2 Gold with the expansion already installed.
  13. Have you ever traveled to Urthak's Moxie? At first glance it seems like a "nothing" city, cause there's nothing there. No quests, no monsters, just citizens, a port and some merchants. But this town has some of the most interesting houses to explore in Artamark. The rune master is preparing for a harvest feast looks like. The blacksmith has steel ingots stamped with the "Ancaria" symbol. The merchant has, upstairs in his room, a huge sword laid reverently on a cushion by the window. A family heirloom? Or judging by the hammers, a new creation? And outside in the common area is a gazebo where you can sit in the shade and read a book with a little dog curled up at your feet.
  14. minconstraints = {10,13,0}, first number is min. item level. So the item won't start dropping til level 10. second number sets item tier. 1-15. 13 is unique. third number is min. difficulty where the item will drop. 0=bronze, 1=silver, and so on. Boost to base item damage would be done according to item classification (defined in itemtype.txt). The values would be increased/decreased in typification.txt. You could also increase the base damage of the "material" the item is made from in material.txt. Materials are assigned to each itemtype in iteminfo.txt. I typically wouldn't go this route if I wanted to affect a single weapon. I'd just add a flat damage bonus in the bonus list of the item's blueprint.
  15. I am sadly disappointed in DarkMatters !

    Alright it's already November, but screw it, I'm busting out the Halloween costume.