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  1. No, that's the expected way to access the portal on the Island of Many Roads (no way to get there otherwise). I don't know why the quest isn't available. Is your character Hardcore?
  2. Finished Undead portraits this week. Gives me the creeps working on this late at night. New: Old:
  3. Just the first one, because that's the only one that uses a casting animation.
  4. Take you time and enjoy the work. Visual upgrades are very welcome; just try to keep the file sizes crunched down as small as possible while maintaining the image quality.
  5. Hello and welcome. There should be no space between En and + at the very end of the command. You also don't even need the "+" unless you've added new hashes to the file.
  6. You can also clear out the area completely, then get the quest and come back and fight the boss alone. Same for any of elemental lords.
  7. Are you able to tell if the "expecttype" of a drop pattern is serving the same function as the "weightedprob" within drop lists, where higher values means the drop is less likely?
  8. @dimitrius154 Did you notice 12 taskcreatures in quest.txt have a "specialdrop" parameter? These seem to refer directly to blueprint ID's and not taskitems. Not sure if that is of any use for my purposes (if it's 100% drop chance) but it was interesting to discover.
  9. Looks like news of a remaster of the epic Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning has not only been announced, but accidentally leaked? https://www.pcgamer.com/kingdoms-of-amalur-reckoning-is-getting-a-remaster-in-august/ https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2020-06-04-theres-a-kingdoms-of-amalur-remaster-and-its-called-re-reckoning Here's the listing in the Microsoft Store for "Re-Reckoning"
  10. Wow. There's some real potential there to create customized drops for enemies then.
  11. Thanks, that's a start at least. if nothing else I can examine what droplists are present in that one. Now, that is very interesting. I could only do it a handful of times through, since there's only 1-10 for dangerclass. Would "inittype" interfere with this if it was incorrect?
  12. Heh, I guess I thought everyone knew Robert Frost, then again he is a beloved American poet, so we read him in schools from an early age.
  13. Work has resumed on the Portrait Project. This week I am working on Dragons.
  14. @dimitrius154 I've been thinking about quest rewards lately and had some ideas to throw at you. Scenario 1: A quest reward could randomly pull from a pool of blueprints, either based on item tier, or weargroup, or some other parameter. A basic example would be a quest that is guaranteed to drop a unique-tier item. Whether it's a weapon, armor, relic, etc. would be random, but the item tier would be guaranteed. Scenario 2: Similar to the "Monster Infrequents" of Titan Quest and Grim Dawn, a quest opponent could have a chance (rather than a guarantee) to drop a specific weapon on completion of the kill quest. For example, currently I have Holos the Paralyzer drop the Bergonix' Judge axe, every single time the player kills him (thus completing the quest). This is less than ideal. The player can just stockpile super rare Legendaries. What would be better is if a repeatable quest opponent had a chance to drop the item, let's say a 1 in 20 chance. Can you think of any way to make these a reality?
  15. I'll try to think of something. I can't just set a randomized legendary or unique item as a reward sadly, I have to choose a specific one, or else just use the built-in reward flag in the script for "reward_drop" which could be anything from junk to legendary tier item.
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