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  1. Flix

    Diablo 2 Fallen Creatures Thread

    Some more developments from the past week. Raging Boar no longer has fuzzy tusks. When I added fur to all the boars in CM 1.60 I forgot to create the mask that kept this boss's face clear of the fur shader. No wonder he was so angry! The deepest levels of the Schlun'Zum caves (lair of Thranak and Ice Lord) are now filled with T-Mutants and Ice Elementals instead of Kobolds and Wolves. This is supposed to be a special place, the home of two fearsome bosses, but it's filled with the same enemies you've been seeing the whole game. Now it feel like a more unique and foreboding place when you enter these caves. And the bosses fit in with their surroundings better because of it. I also noticed that Mutated Kobolds have equipment they can't use, so it's displayed wrong on their model. This will be fixed in v14. Speaking of equipment, it has been bothering me that Orc Archers always attack with swords instead of bows. Turns out it was a deficiency of their AI that they never used their bows, This will be corrected so in v14 you will be attacked by arrows from Orc Archers. Related to this are the Grurag and Ore-Thag clan versions of Orc Archers, who had the right behavior but the wrong equip sets. They were using Ogre throwing stones and comically oversized blades. Will also be fixed in next release. Lupus Coldhand and Ogan Kandimiro (Orc Masters of the Hunt) benefit as well. They have increased damage, hit chance, resistances, and XP per kill. They are now equipped with weapons, as befitting "masters." Before their behavior was set to dumb brute attacks with fists. Deranged Earth Elementals ("A Growing Danger") are now elite-class. The 2 "mature" ones are now T-Mutated Elementals in keeping with the quest lore. The whole point of the quest is that the mages are worried about more earth elementals becoming mutated like the Gar'Colossus, and some are already beginning to "turn." So it's fitting that the opponents are challenging and look the part.
  2. I've extended the width of the item tooltip windows in my mods, though it still overlaps a little even then. I guess the text could be changed to "Opponent's Chance to Reflect Ranged" instead.
  3. I've re-read your request, and now I'm pretty sure you're talking about the words that enemies speak on death, not the screams themselves. One thing you could do is edit soundprofile.txt in the game's client folder. Every death scream is scripted with a line like the below: event163 = { event = "DEATH_SCREAM", resource = 200054 }; You do a find/replace and turn every instance of "DEATH_SCREAM" so it says resource = 0. There's probably a quick way to write the requisite find/replace using regular expression in Notepad++ but I don't know it offhand.
  4. Flix

    Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition

    Thanks man. Let me ask your opinion. I was considering making the original Special Mounts quest a prerequisite for receiving the Priest's quest. In other words, you'd to do everything else as far as reaching Mount Island, and passing Hugard's trials first. Only then would the Nameless Priest be available to give you Elite Mounts quest. I might even make Hugard give you a hint to go look for the Priest at the end. Does that sound like too much to do, or is the one Mutated Dragon not enough of a "gatekeeper"? Honestly if I didn't have such terrible migraines I would probably get more done. Sometimes entire Saturdays go to waste because I'm nursing a headache instead. Thanks boss. The latter has become more and more important to me as the years roll by.
  5. Flix

    From hero to zero in 1 minute

    No, Gogo's right, it works the same way in Sacred 2. If you stand close enough to an enemy for the game to consider you in combat, the Survival Bonus will rise. For example standing at the town limits, close enough to an enemy to draw its attention, but still within town, the enemy will run towards you and then retreat over and over again. This counts as "combat" = more Survival Bonus. I know this because I left my Dragon Mage like that over night to test how much the Survival Bonus would rise. It got back up into the 70's I think.
  6. Flix

    Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition

    A few things I've been working on for the next release: The core module (Original Spells) will now have the updated artwork for combat art icons and aspect backgrounds. I had to make 15 new icons for the vanilla combat arts that had not been touched before. As always there will be a "Classic Icons" optional module to restore the art to vanilla for those who want it. New Quest: "Elite Mounts." The elite mounts trader in the Jungle region now gives you a quest before he will begin trading with you, as a test of strength. This is looooooooong overdue, and really should have been included in the first release of the Elite Mounts back when it was a standalone mod. The Elite Mounts trader is still in the same place in the Jungle region, with the same lore and backstory that Silver Fox created for him. The quest continues the same theme as the original Special Mounts quest, and has you proving your strength by battling T-Energy creatures. Since Hugard's quest left off with you fighting Ogres, Trolls, and Hydras, this quest will move on to the only thing even bigger: Dragons! Defeat the Mutated Dragon in the T-Energy Field, then return to the Nameless Priest. Once you turn in the quest, he will transition from quest NPC into Special Mount trader. His stock remains the same as before. Enjoy your well-earned Elite Mount!
  7. Welcome to DarkMatters. The screams can't be disabled easily (they are considered SFX), but a lot of times enemies will also speak on death. Best and most annoying example is the Kobolds screaming as they die, "... three days before my birthday!" The voiced death lines can be turned off from the Sound options menu, if you set Commentary to "Never." However note this will also stop your character from making comments when they kill enemies (most other PC lines remain intact).
  8. Flix

    Currently Watching...

    For some reason the release of this show has prompted me to go back and watch Star Trek: The Next Generation. I'd only ever seen random episodes in syndication was I was growing up in the 90's. I'm determined to watch all of it. 178 hour-long episodes. I've only made it through Season 2 currently. It's so good, very much like classic Trek (my favorite). I've read this was because Gene Roddenberry was still heavily involved in the first two seasons.
  9. Flix

    From hero to zero in 1 minute

    Haha yeah it's rough. I've lost a 92% Survival Bonus on my first Dragon Mage when testing a mod years ago. Now I always have back up copies of all characters for testing. I actually made the decision just a few weeks ago to remove that debuffing effect from that chain lightning spell completely in my mods. This means The White Griffin, those little Furies in the Northland, and lots of custom creatures will no longer make gameplay so miserable. I decided to replace the effect with a little-used property that penalizes your regeneration times instead. So you still don't want to be hit by it but at least it's not fatal.
  10. The only "cheat" I need is item sharing between my characters, and thankfully that is now accomplished with Sacred Reborn.
  11. Flix

    All time scary films?

    Given the price of surgeries and health care in this country we're probably not far from that reality.
  12. Flix

    All time scary films?

    Oh I absolutely know the feeling. There's one moment in the Exorcist, where a face flashes on the screen. It's presumably the face of the demon Pazuzu that's possessing the girl. I hate so much to look at it, it's so unsettling. I hope you know how much willpower it took just to go search for this cursed image. Bahaha that's happened to me too with my 4 year old niece. I was staying up late watching the show "Salem" (about witches) and she came into the dark living room quiet as a ghost. And when she was right next to me, he just says very softly "Uncle Ben?" And I almost jumped through the roof. Strangely that wave of Japanese horror in the 2000's didn't affect me much. The Ring, The Grudge, Dark Water... I always thought Japanese ghosts just didn't look very scary. They always looked so weak and frail.
  13. Well, keep in mind there are also level requirements for a lot of items. Neither Lightsabers nor unique items generally would drop at low levels, then when you hit the threshold (typically between level.15-50) they would begin to appear. Also keep in mind both the Community Patch and the Enhanced Edition add some lightsabers as quest rewards. The CM Patch adds some rare ones to various quests, EE adds one unique reward (Disturbance in the Force), at the end of "A New Hope" chain quest in Artamark. Saying anything beyond that would be pure speculation on my part. But after this long with the game, nothing surprises me any more.
  14. Flix

    Mandatory quests

    Yes indeed. The items themselves have always been present. The guaranteed rewards were added in EE.