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  1. We'd tried to strike the right balance between avoiding the "waltz" and being able to strike enemies from unrealistically far away. The larger issue is the way targeting is coded, where the character doesn't recalculate often enough whether or not they're close enough to initiate the attack. It results in a not-so-comical chase.
  2. I did. All should be accounted for in EE. 9 1h and 7 2h. type1 = 2778, type2 = 2788, type3 = 2790, type4 = 2791, type5 = 13458, type6 = 13603, type7 = 13604, type8 = 13605, type9 = 13606, type10 = 11550, type11 = 11551, type12 = 11552, type13 = 11553, type14 = 11578, type15 = 11579, type16 = 11580,
  3. The reported bug is that rings are making lightsaber sounds. I've experienced this before, but I haven't run any methodical tests yet. I have also heard items make potion sounds inappropriately. However that may be D2F-specific since that's the only place I noticed that. I also can't remember what items made the sounds so I'll have to check.
  4. I searched all through your soundrprofile.txt and I couldn't find any instance where you might have addressed this. Is there some other script involved, maybe the "materialsound" line in material.txt?
  5. Thank you for the translation. I'll take care of it. You'll have to try to be patient. At any given time I have about 20 sub-projects I'm trying to advance, and splitting focus too much is a detriment to all.
  6. Yes, the vanilla buff durations do scale, but the durations also start much lower than the cooldowns. What I have done is saved the trouble of struggling and striving to catch up to the cooldown, and instead I handed the player an equal duration/cooldown ratio right off the bat. All that the player has to do is balance his regen times.
  7. The cooldown for RBoL does not increase. It remains at 60s, equal to the duration. If the duration got longer than that you could stack it which is not what it was balanced for. It will be up to the player to maintain regeneration times in order to keep them low enough so there is little to no downtime between casts.
  8. Is that some other mod out there I don't know about, or do you mean SuperSpawn that comes with EE? You'd want to use my spawn.txt
  9. Might have been this one but IDK because Pesmontis just put this one together a few months ago with D2F installed. He did note that the island is not in fact there. So there's not way there could be any quest at that spot.
  10. I was talking to LadyRy about her question. But, I realize that was not evident because I didn't quote her. Sorry for the confusion.
  11. I like to use Notepad++ with the compare plugin. It highlights differences between two versions of the same file. Makes it easy to copy changes from one into the other. I'd copy your changes into my scripts. Actually questscripts.txt might be a bear to compare since so much in the syntax got changed in EE. You definitely want to use my version of the file though. Balance.txt shouldn't be too bad to deal with though.
  12. Thanks! If I were you, I'd just make the same edits I made before, using the Enhanced Edition scripts. Sounds like balance.txt, and maybe something else?
  13. Thanks for tracking down those death FX for the Blood Forest creatures.
  14. I'm not sure if you're distributing the encoded text for use anywhere (which is totally fine) but do note that this is not the CORE version of the texts, it's the Alt. Spells version.
  15. I guess that will just be what that module does then.
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