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  1. Heh. And I know where we could import the models from too. https://www.nexusmods.com/dragonage/mods/1055
  2. My toon pulsing with white glow?

    Are you wearing a full set by any chance? Many of those have special effects.
  3. Greetings. There's no bug. "Selling Price" only applies to the item on which the modifier appears. It's the king of the useless modifiers.
  4. A good project would be to make a master list. Some that your intuition calls "area of effect" aren't actually affected by Combat Art Range +X%, others that you might not expect are affected. Any spell in spells.txt with tokens like "et_range_area" or "et_range_distance" or "et_range_near" would be expanded by that modifier. So: Destroyer - Yes Assailing Somersault - Yes, but not the Jump Distance, just range of effects Magic Coup - No Deathly Spears - Yes
  5. Sweet old nostalgia

    You can also grab the original interface skins (complete with the loading screen logos restored) here: I made these downloads so people could have whatever "look" they wanted no matter what version/mod of the game they were using. Happy gaming.
  6. Thanks! Survival Mod is replaced my own Challenge Mode (optional module that comes with EE).
  7. Not to worry. The "Weaken" effect is actually a generic graphic that applies to many debuffs, and was bugged so that it didn't appear, like MANY other temporary fx (like Magic/Physical/Ice DOT) that did not appear before CM 1.60.
  8. If you don't like the CM Interface, what you're actually looking for is this package: Given that I always felt the interface was an appallingly trivial reason to avoid a patch or mod, I simply compiled all known interfaces so the player could choose whichever they preferred. They can be installed over any version of the game.
  9. Will I ever be free?

    I think the CM Patch leaves behind some of its patched executables, even after disabling. You're probably getting some of the benefits of the memory fixes, without anything else.
  10. Sacred 2 Unlock Weapon Codes

    I can't take credit but these are definitely part of the Community Patch since almost the beginning. All Unlock Items will drop as uniques with roughly same drop chance as other uniques.
  11. What would I do without you Tharkun? Easily fixed. Hotfix link updated with fix for Inferno.
  12. Done. Hotfix for Ogre shields being swapped between the player and the Ogre: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TU4GjtzhRQuhvulWhq_zjhOEqU_swwhN/view?usp=sharing Adding download links to the file page now. EDIT: Zakarum Fanatics just have animations that look like punching for their dual wielding. I guess it was always that way, I just never noticed anything wrong with it. Nothing I can do about it really, except for taking away dual wielding altogether for them.
  13. Dang I thought I fixed both of those things. Hotfix incoming then... EDIT: Ok am I losing my mind, or did the dual wielding Zakarum Fanatics used to have proper attack animations?! I can't find them anywhere. No evidence of any animations (other than idle and movement) for dual wielding. Did I just never notice until now?
  14. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Nza8oCFT6_nnlrqkC7hHpA3bUH8XwyGp/view?usp=sharing
  15. Enhanced Spells Mod (Sacred 2)

    You're gonna make me search for the utility then, I see. I'll be sure to try it out tonight. Sounds very exciting, and like a better alternative to my just boosting run speed of the player and enemies, which kind of has a hit on performance.