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What's the weather like over there?

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Westwind and sunny. There was something red in the top of one of my pear trees two days ago. Using a pole I removed it and it was a deflated balloon from a balloon release/race. Sender was a 8 year ol

A bola would probably end with me strangled. Never used one. Our cow dog can now catch a frisbee in 8 feet height. Perhaps a bit more training and a sausage for each multicopter ? Or he could track

We had 2 storm days with ice and hail this week. But today at easter sunday morning: swallows are back, first butterflies fly around and most important: The holy easter ants left their underground wi

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Hot and damn humid.

Rain and 30°C makes it feel like 40°C.


Our air conditioner saves the day but now the "powers to be" want to penalise me by increased electricity costs and stop using my air conditioner and instead use a fan.


Funny how government bureaucrats make these decisions in their air conditioned offices, isn't it. :)

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Right now it's 6°C with clouds.


And for some time, I've been thinking about Schot's post saying that February is usually our coldest month. I think we beat records for being the hottest February we ever had here.




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The weather is somehow messed up here... It's ten in the morning, and there is some kind of weird cloudy sky outside that does something to the lighting, the air literally looks brown or something and it's really dark... It looks like one of those depressing post-holocaust environments that we see in games and movies. I'm almost expecting to see mutated zombie ghoasts everywhere :D

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Looks like the snow has pretty much ended for us. Reached 52 degrees F today. Though we had yet another wind advisory. So far this winter we must have had 30-40 wind advisories or warnings. it's always windy here (live right on the ocean) but I can never remember it being soooo windy all the time. Looks like I'll have to re-do the siding on the beach side of my house :bounce:


Maybe I'll break down and finally go with vinyl siding (have wood shingles now)

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If I posted in here every time we had a wind advisory or warning I think I'd have 5000 posts by now :)


Have another warning from this afternoon thru Sunday night. Looks like a few inches of rain too along with 50-60 mph gusts. Maybe that'll power wash all the salt off the side of my house instead of adding more salt spray to it :drunkards:

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Finally the weather is starting to cool down here.

Today was a brilliant sunny 25°C so we had a family bbq :D and tonight will be a "perfect to sleep in" 15°C. _sleep__rvmp_by_bad_blood.gif


I love Autumn in Sydney. Without a doubt it is the best time of the year for our weather. :)

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Had a tree come down onto an electric pole and snapped it last night. It was about 4 poles down from my house and it took out power for about 8 hours. The transformer on the pole next to my house arced and sparked and caught on fire. The winds have been about 40-45 mph sustained with 65-70 mph gusts since Saturday morning (hurricane force winds start at 75 mph). That and the rain is coming down in buckets, Forecast is for 5+ inches by Monday and the winds will continue into Monday also.


It's just a raw and miserable day here right now...temp is around 40F but feels much colder. I even brought out coffee for the guys working last night. Never hurts to be on the good side of policemen and utility workers :)

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I used to think I lived in a pretty good place......


Now I'm starting to re-think that...


A winter with a Wind Advisory or Warning seemingly every other day, and now a record March. We've had the most rainfall ever for the month of March this year. I'll have to find the exact total but it's over 35-40 inches. Last weekend we had about 4-6 inches and this Monday/Tuesday many spots had over 9-10 inches. Just about every major highway in the area had a closure somewhere along it's length and many side roads were completely shut down and every river seems to be overflowing it's banks...the road I live on was flooded...one end by salt water (coastal flooding) and the other by fresh water (rain). Had to miss work yesterday...no power and no way out.


I'm thinking about moving now.......maybe to Montreal....and harass Schot for awhile :)

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You seem to live in a place with a really crappy waether Kunckles, and yes I second your idea to move to Montreal, where there's also me and gogo!


And today we reached 27°C with lots of sun, really felt like summer right in the beginning of April.




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