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What's the weather like over there?

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before it turned to rain and slush this afternoon our area had between 6 and 12 inches of the stuff... and its supposed to snow again tonight once the temp drops below 35 again....

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Westwind and sunny. There was something red in the top of one of my pear trees two days ago. Using a pole I removed it and it was a deflated balloon from a balloon release/race. Sender was a 8 year ol

A bola would probably end with me strangled. Never used one. Our cow dog can now catch a frisbee in 8 feet height. Perhaps a bit more training and a sausage for each multicopter ? Or he could track

We had 2 storm days with ice and hail this week. But today at easter sunday morning: swallows are back, first butterflies fly around and most important: The holy easter ants left their underground wi

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Ohhh getting hot again! Mud everywhere too as well!!


And streets are covered by ice!


Btw guys, this is not the first snowing time in this year did you know? I'm pretty sure it was snowing in USA or UK too before this year...

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Just went outside to vote, and DAMN it was cold! Something like -15°C (-25°C with the wind).


Just for fun I checked the forecast for the next days.


Tuesday : 1 inch of snow with -5°C

Wednesday : Rain with +8°C

Thursday : They were announcing AT LEAST 10 inches of snow, but they removed it not so long ago.



The weather is really weird these days in the Montreal region....





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*tries to talk to mother nature and re direct the 10 inches predicted for southern NH today but she wont listen*


our forecast is snow today, snow on sunday and maybe more just before xmas on thursday.... *sigh*


Winter doesnt offically start until sunday and we have already about about 18 inches of snow come down where I live in 6 different snow storms.... *sigh* Mother nature needs a pda to keep track of the seasons and when the snow should start falling and where ... I mean it snowed in Las Vegas (located in the middle of a large desert) this week.... mother nature is taking drugs I think

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Wish I had a camera... it's HORRIBLE here. lol ,Todd I think we're in the same storm you are... I can't believe this is coming in now, I can bet everyone's gonna be late getting everywhere today.

Just had to battle the blizzard on my way out today (ahh, Rommel you last minute shopper you :P)


Made it in after being bundled up like bandit...and forgot the milk for the coffee!






p.s. ahhh, bless the good neighbors :(

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Quite cold in your places guys. It's a bit colder here compared to the past few days because it's raining but temperature is only in the high 10's to low 20's C. It's supposed to be summer right now in Australia were temperature in the 40's C can occur so am not complaining. :blush:

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