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What's the weather like over there?

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Westwind and sunny. There was something red in the top of one of my pear trees two days ago. Using a pole I removed it and it was a deflated balloon from a balloon release/race. Sender was a 8 year ol

A bola would probably end with me strangled. Never used one. Our cow dog can now catch a frisbee in 8 feet height. Perhaps a bit more training and a sausage for each multicopter ? Or he could track

We had 2 storm days with ice and hail this week. But today at easter sunday morning: swallows are back, first butterflies fly around and most important: The holy easter ants left their underground wi

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Just got back from a mountain top visit....dang was it cold.....about -20F and wind probably 30-40 mph. Of course I had to go up during the coldest weather of the winter season so far. Supposed to return next week. Hoping for lots of snow so they will finally close road for the winter :)

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heh, knuckles, your job does seem to take you to those distant lands and mountain tops...hope you don't have a recurrence of that last overnighting ^^



And...snow outside. Billowy, soft, warmish... good day to grocery shop...or should I just stay at home again and keep playing?


Ahhh, this game





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Well they closed the road but I didn't know the customer had a secret weapon :) Snowmobiles !


Got another foot of snow on Wednesday and thought for sure job would be canceled. Then I found out it was still on but I got to use a snowmobile to reach top. Had to *cough* make several trips back to truck to get some things *cough* :) I'm paying for it now as my back is sore as hell but it was worth it. Most fun I've had for awhile working.

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Melbourne, Australia, Summer.


and that, for those of you who don't know our climate, means heat waves.


next 3 days will be 30C plus with 18C nights.


currently hear in shorts with my window open to get some cool air into the house. its waaaarrrrmmmm.


if I can be arsed ill take a photo of the gardens I live near today, they look beautiful in summer.



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@ pyrobelle : I know what your talking about because I live here in Liverpool :agreed:


Anyway it was a scorcher here earlier at 38 C and the temperature on the weekend is projected to be from 42 - 44 C :):):sweating:

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