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Happy Birthday gogo Gadget!

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Well well, I think much cheer is in order for our favorite sunny boy. A very Happy Birthday to you gogo! I hope it was an exceptionally nice one and that you're enjoyin that dinner you're havin with the buds. Someone's getting spoiled today huh! :)


And now time to activate the annual gogo-tron. Brace you-selves everyone! Activating... THE AVATAR! ...nono, not the James Cameron one. He ain't got nothin on this! ^^

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Thanks guys!

It was a wonderful awesome day. Saw Clash of the Titans (Rocked...best movie of the year...thanks Schot!) And a really sweet camera (my first ever!) with a gorilla holder, back lots of stuff that I have to spend a few hours now to read to understand, if you guys start getting tired of all the pix and pic stories I plan on putting up in the forum... just thank schot for putting us all on this road.


My dinner with another group of friends after at this great Indian restaurant had me coming home with a red red nose and a great big smile.







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Happy Belated Birthday gogo! :unsure:


Vindaloo? Korma? Masala? What was yer poison? :)


My fav still is Palak Paneer (Spinach with Goat Cheese Curry), though Chicken Biryani (Curried Chicken with Rice) is a close second.


Best wishes always



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The lunches seem to go on... this is recent pic taken of yummy food at one of montreal's only Sri Lankan restaurants. This cool place is only a short walk from where I live. They have steaming fresh curry setup on hot plates which we can choose from and a very large selection of fresh, home-made indian deserts... more pix to come.


Plate we ordered was a kind of taster's plate served upon the requisite stainless-steel multi-partitioned serving plate/tray that separates and highlights the food. What you see there is shrimp, delicious, butter-fried nan bread, perfectly cooked rice, dahl (lentils with fried onions and red chillies), a center portion of melt in your mouth curried chick peas and cauliflower and carrot curry. All pretty spicy and all feeling like mom just cooked it.





Who needs to shell out thousands of dollars for a trip back home when you can eat for two at Restaurant Jolee, 20.00 CAD tip, tax in






p.s. Pix courtesy of me new camera Kodak M41! :dance:

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I'm also a little late, but I wanted to wish you an happy birthday.

Looks like you had a great day.



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Happy birthday, gogo :thumbsup: Live long, prosper, bask in the light of knowledge and awesomeness and always be the same great guy you are now.

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