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DarkMatters Celebrates
19 Years of Wyntertyde in Ancaria

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    1. 5,600 posts
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    2. DarkMatters: Introductions.

      Welcome! Make your introductions here while getting to meet the community.

      8,504 posts
      668 topics_no_number
    1. Sacred 2 Mods and Modding - The new future for Sacred 2!

      Health-bars and skins, cursors and Christmas. Join our active modding community to see what they've cobbled today.

      21,061 posts
      1,580 topics_no_number
    2. Sacred 2 General Discussion (PC)

      General Discussion for Sacred 2. Place class posts in their own forum and miscellaneous posts about Sacred 2 in General Discussion.

      45,994 posts
      4,047 topics_no_number
    3. Sacred 2 Console (XBOX and PS3)

      Ancaria now featured on consoles around the world. Post questions and meet up with fellow Sacred 2 Console users here.

      14,135 posts
      1,615 topics_no_number
    4. 10,387 posts
      687 topics_no_number
    5. Sacred Wiki

      A new bouncing baby Sacred Wiki, born Sept 25th and created by the fans. An open welcome to all interested folks who can help with making Sacred's community driven content grow. Register, contribute and win bonus Karma today!

      9,427 posts
      465 topics_no_number
    6. Sacred 2 Fan Art and Fiction

      Pictures, Painting, Scribbles and Poems. Show the gang what you've got going. Fan contributions including original prose from around the world.

      1,000 posts
      54 topics_no_number
    7. 1,409 posts
      5 topics_no_number
    8. Sacred 2 Bugs, Feedback and Troubleshooting

      If you've run out of bugspray, post your frustrations here. Help us squash the bugs. Feedback, suggestions and troubleshooting that can help others run Sacred 2 smoothly are appreciated.

      3,191 posts
      427 topics_no_number
    9. 10,864 posts
      888 topics_no_number
    10. Unbended - Kickstarter project by former Ascaron employees who created Sacred!

      Looking for that Sacred fix? This is Ascaron's former employees banding together with Kickstarter to create the greatest game ever made!

      1,218 posts
      0 topics_no_number
    1. Key Largo Beach Resort and General Discussion

      This is for public and clan to enjoy. Hidden on a small inlet on a planet far, far away where the waves are perfect for surfing and the sun shines daily, is our small beach house resort. For special guests we have a premium vintage green liqueur, and...maybe...Saurian brandy? Kick back and relax. Bbq's every saturday and beach volley ball just around the corner. Please Keep general discussion here.

      45,581 posts
      1,038 topics_no_number
    2. Media Matters

      Your Darkest source of the latest rumors about Shakespeare, Chuck Norris, Blind Guardian and other media hypes!

      7,626 posts
      366 topics_no_number
    3. Tech Talk

      Warning: An error occured while displaying the previous error window. What to do now? Ask for help here.

      6,706 posts
      681 topics_no_number
    4. 28,194 posts
      615 topics_no_number
    5. The Dark Kitchen

      Orc chef say " Catch lizard, whomp on head, throw in pot on fire, take nap, food done. If no lizard be found, chicken good too." Want to find a new recipe? Need help with what to have for dinner? You might find help here.

      6,292 posts
      309 topics_no_number
    6. The Creatrix

      Avatars, images, sigs...all here! Want something made? Just ask! Got something to show? This is the place!

      4,296 posts
      299 topics_no_number
    7. The Daily Grind: Real life right here!

      Escape the hard world of fantasy, and enter the world of actual life. Tell us more about your day here, and forget about the hard labour of console gaming.

      10,101 posts
      537 topics_no_number
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