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  2. Hey guys, Could you fix the lag when entering villages or new zones? Thank you so much guys for your hard work!
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  4. Community Patch 1.60 Beta Test Release

    The only significant item that's left is the game stability for extended periods of time. The Elite textures are a mess. The texture memory manager has an effective cap of 419430400 bytes for textures in elite mode, yet in ,say, Griffinborough the usage spikes to about 500 MB, causing serious stutterings. Also the game still dislikes large memory grabs while crossing sector borders - CTDs may happen. External memory flushers are useless, since it's not a 1.5GB problem, really - I've seen CTDs at 675 MB sacred2.exe RAM usage. Time will tell, if we can achieve better stability in the end. Feedback on the matter is greatly appreciated.
  5. I had made an attempt to download the beta CM 160 Friday night but the download failed just near the end. Perhaps it's best for me to wait until a few more of the wrinkles are worked out. I appreciate all of the hard work you team members are doing behind the scene. I thank each of you and raise a hearty HUZZAH!
  6. The Related Song Game

    The Beatles => Love me do Haddaway => What Is Love
  7. The Related Song Game

    Eminem - Love The Way You Lie The Beatles => Love me do
  8. Still playing my Celestial/Revered Seraphim on PS3, and I came across another deep nugget of Sacred 2 knowledge. I put hallowed restoration followed by radiant pillar in a combo, and it made the damage from radiant pillar follow my character for the duration of the spell instead of being centered on the pillar. I am telling you, Combos can do some crazy things!
  9. The Related Song Game

    Lieb -> Young Love Eminem - Love The Way You Lie
  10. Continue with 3 words only

    than to actually
  11. The Related Word Game - 2017!

    Panna Cotta => dessert
  12. The Related Song Game

    Ellie Goulding -> Love me like you do Eli Lieb -> Young Love
  13. Continue with 3 words only

    or more insane...
  14. The Related Word Game - 2017!

    Jello -> Panna Cotta. Basically just a cream based version of jello, with a softer set.
  15. *Stephen King* heh... makes me chuckle gogo
  16. Very nicely done on the best rpg ever

    What a terrific compliment you've paid the team who've sweated centuries of work into the art of the new mod It's wonderful meeting both you and lady, here in our happy little corner of the Sacred universe. Thank you for the order of tall drinks. It's almost 30 degrees here in Montreal, and they're perfect. And a big Booyah to both of you...the new 1.6 Beta is coming out, even more chocker and fuller than before... should be good with goodies at least till Christmas Welcome to DarkMatters!! gogo
  17. Yes, yes, of course. I... um... of course I thought about that but I um... just wanted to go above and beyond...? Um. Yeah? No? No.
  18. Ahhhh... that's it... kind of like e convertible...that is innovative..I've only seen screenies from it being held in a hand, and the version of "Doom" I was was just astonishing... Ill see if I can find actual images for large screen..if it can hit HD I'd say they have a winner on their hands gogo
  19. The Related Word Game - 2017!

    delicious -> Jello hmmm gogo
  20. nourishing and face moisturizer... two for one.. winner winner!! gogo
  21. I lick both... and still end up with it all over my face. ...What am I doing wrong?
  22. I am preparing a patcher+disabler package atm. Hopefully will be able to release a proper cm-patch soon, if there are no major problems arising this beta test.
  23. The Related Word Game - 2017!

    delicious => Jim Backus
  24. Hmm, when I lick the bowl I usually end up with whatever was in the bowl all over my nose. I always lick my plate though ... and usually my bowl as well. Must maintain my svelte figure.
  25. From the ads, it's supposed to be a full power console to play on your TV at home. Then you undock it and it becomes a handheld gaming device. Then you can extend the built-in stand, remove the two 1H controllers and play that way. With some games, you can give one of the 1H controllers to a second person and play two player. I've never actually used one, but it does sound innovative. IDK, many reviews compare Zelda with Skyrim which is bad IMO.
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  27. Sorry I didn't reach out to you sooner Crow Girl! I haven't forgotten about the awesome community at Sacred Legends. I will make a post soon, or ask Pesmontis or Czevak to make a post.
  28. The Related Word Game - 2017!

    cult -> oyster gogo
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