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  3. SERIOUSLY THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!! I have a serious problem deciding things. Thanks for this and for your answer Androdion.
  4. Regarding your first question, you can't change midway through it, only adapt and see some of the aspects on your build develop and become more important. A DM Mentalist will be so much better at higher levels than it is at lower ones, for instance, and with a HE you can start with the Delphic aspect at lower levels and play pure Ice Elf by the endgame. Chattius' Magic Coup guide is like that. So it's an adaptation based on the build you previously thought of. Respeccing isn't available in Sacred 2, so what you can do is use these save games in order to try different configurations at level 75 (mastery level). It's a good way to see for yourself what you can have by that level and test which skills and CA modifications work better for you playing style. Take a swing at it and then plan the toon from level 1 based on your findings, it should be fun.
  5. OK... here is what I'm currently listening to: Even if you're not into wrestling, especially of the WWE kind, there's something to appreciate when a fan puts his heart into his covers.
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  7. I have been reading some guides inside DarkMatters and in the wiki about the Dragon Mage and I have seen certain constructions, some pure like the pure elementalist and other hybrids that mix Dragon Magic with Elemental Magic or Mentalism (for Chattius). But I wonder if it is possible to change aspects and obtain the same result as the builds that have already been made. I will explain myself better, I am a player who is easily bored, that is, I do not know to what extent I can play with only one or two aspects without getting tired. I would like to try all the faces of the DM without having to start a new character each time. That's possible? I have seen mention the Triple Aspect DM that I think is what I try to refer to, however I do not know to what extent it ceases to be efficient and becomes only a mixture of combat arts of various aspects. Can you create a Dragon Mage that can vary its aspect inclination as it progresses in the game, being able to play with all facets and finish the entire campaign? I apologize if you did not understand my idea sometimes and I do not know what I want.
  8. Then it is possible to modify the build as it is played or to try different variants of the character it is advisable to start from scratch with a new one? In case you would like to read all aspects of a class, should not you select the expert touch?
  9. The Related Song Game

    Heart => Magic Man Jeremy Jordan and Katherine McPhee -> Heart Shaped Wreckage
  10. The Related Word Game - 2017!

    Devil Wears Prada -> Meryl Streep
  11. The Related Song Game

    Jonathan Young -> You'll Be In My Heart Heart => Magic Man
  12. ooowah, that poutine thread is coming soon... no escaping that gooey cheesy goodness... yay, initiation! gogo
  13. The Related Word Game - 2017!

    Fashion -> deviil wears prada gogo
  14. The idea to create a build goes around finding a way to kill opponents easily. It may seem a bit simplistic to say it like this but that's basically it. The longer version is that you'll want to take a look at the CAs that each branch of each class has and depending on your personal preference and playing style choose a basic set of them to focus on and kill opponents. That's why there are builds based upon specific CAs, with the HE's Fire/Ice/Delphic builds being a good example. The best thing in my view is to take a look at the Wiki for a few minutes, browse the CAs on the class you want to play with and decide which suit your playstyle. After that you plan your skill set to help you maximize the effect of those CAs, as well as be tough enough in the long run. Some skills will only shine at higher levels so you need to think of the "character level to difficulty level" ratio in order to be able to survive the more you advance. The rest is trial and error, trying out different ways to play the same build and change a few skills, CA mods, or gear you're using in order to get the better out of it. For reference I've played the Magic Coup HE build in, I think, four or five different ways.
  15. Oddly enough, Spell module was working for me, but not Serious Textures. Please, update here after you will have some progress.
  16. The Related Song Game

    Phil Collins -> Another Day In Paradise Jonathan Young -> You'll Be In My Heart
  17. It is very interesting, for me at least, to see how they create these builds. Are you an experienced player, how do you create a build starting from scratch? or are based on synergies already established between skills, attributes and combat arts?
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  19. Sacred 3?

  20. Sacred 3?

    The reception here was not so good... I played the demo and knew it was not for me. Only Sacred in name.
  21. Sacred 3?

    I almost bought it on steam when it was on sale and has been gnawing at my brain ever since. Nice review lol I'm glad I didn't.
  22. I know..it's a pretty amazing video huh... never really "felt" that build till now...makes me think gogo
  23. The Related Word Game - 2017!

    play ->style gogo
  24. Sacred 3?

    Hi voldalin, and welcome to DarkMatters! I didnt buy the game, but after seeing the walk throughs, it really wasnt my kind of game... very different, not really an arpg and no drops ... in fact, a huge dissapointment imo Here's an amusing review from TotalBiscuit: We're all waiting for the real thing...and there will be a DarkMatters till the day it's released... Sacred will come again! gogo
  25. Sacred 3?

    Have you played it and would you recommend it?
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